Your Next Million

Your Next Million

Transforming Your Business Isn't About Doing A Million Different Things. It's About Finding ONE BIG THING And Then Leveraging That. Frank Kern has been advising entrepreneurs like you all day, every day, to do just that since 1999. This is his podcast. More at

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What was the SINGLE biggest obstacle overcame to get where you are today?

What was the single biggest obstacle I overcame to get where I am today? That's a serious question. There are a lot of them, so I'll just tell you all the dumb stuff that I do. And then I'll let you decide what the biggest obstacle is.

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When you bringing back the sassy dazzle videos?

That question could be translated into "do fancy videos work better than non-fancy videos?" And you know, what? The non-fancy videos work better.

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DANGER: Avoid This Trap At All Costs

What is the trap that Frank wants us to avoid?

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How To Write Real Good And Stuff: 20 Years in Under 20 Minutes Part 8

Here is some of Frank's best advice on "how to write good."

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Repeated Catastrophic Failures (The #1 Secret To Success): 20 Years in Under 20 Minutes Part 7

How do Frank's Catastrophic Failures help you with your marketing skills?

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Killer Content + Fun

"Frank has truly mastered infotainment, and the wisdom he shares is truly safe. By far one of my fave marketing pod podcasts."

By Laubster84 on April 13, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

Love ole Frankie

"It’s like stand up comedy meets marketing genius. Love it!"

By jcander2 on Feb. 2, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

Great information & person

"Thank you for always providing value. This is so addictive. Ronnie Rice 251-378-1113"

By RxSquared on Dec. 31, 2019 via Apple Podcasts

Awesome Podcast!!!

"Frank, host of the Your Next Million podcast, highlights all aspects of business, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert…"

By Clarisse Gomez on Dec. 23, 2019 via Apple Podcasts

Frank Helped Me Make $$$$$$$

"If you see someone selling a course about internet marketing online, chances are they copied Franks’s courses or content. Frank is an unbelievable h…"

By @RoofingLogo on IG on March 2, 2019 via Apple Podcasts