July 23, 2021

After best roll with Facebook ads, and then having to move all of the business into another account, the cost per lead went up 10x the normal cost and conversions sank. Same pixel, same audience. What could be some reasons why that happened

After best roll with Facebook ads, and then having to move all of the business into another account, the cost per lead went up 10x the normal cost and conversions sank. Same pixel, same audience. What could be some reasons why that happened

He had, from April to July, his best roll on Facebook ads. He had 13x return on ad spend, and then he screwed up. He had to set up all of the business into another account. His cost per lead went up 10x the normal cost on conversions sank. Same pixel,...

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He had, uh, from April to July. It's best roll on Facebook ads. He had 13 X return on ad spend, and then he screwed up. He had to set up all of the business into another account. His cost per lead up when 10 times went up 10 times the normal cost and conversion saying same pixel, same audience.
Um, what could be some of the reasons that he should look over to see why that happened? Okay. We're getting into the harder core stuff, but I like this kind of stuff. This is cool. All right. Well, any access to the original account? Is it possible to get that?
Um, so number one, I'd love to know ad if creative is the same audience or the same landing pages are the same offers. The same is everything the same? Are we? Oh, Daniel's on hooray. Okay. Hey dude, can you hear me?
We can hear you clicking Daniel, but we can't hear you talking say blood then I can't hear you. Okay. Tell me that. Give me a little more detail. Let's see. Before I just give you random guesses. Well thank you very much for, for having me and, um, um, picking from Chile. Um, I have this business work co coach M men divorcement and, uh, I drive traffic to our landing page for a webinar to a call.
And I used to have all these people coming in very cheap leads. And then for a retargeting campaign, lean to a sales pitch for the, to pitch for the call. Well to, to sell them the call. Um, I changed, well, I made a mistake and then they shut this account and I set up the same thing over, uh, over another account.
But the cost went up and everything, everything will like, uh, out of pocket, like, yep. Yep. I went in, I went in the red. Okay, cool. So, I mean, not cool in the sense that it's good. Did anything at all change? About how the campaigns were set up in any capacity whatsoever, other than it being a different account?
Um, well, the, because of the, because of the, eh, I had said some conversions that some of them have, uh, have a, like a little star or there's like a, uh, like a little Rose. I said that this conversions for sales, for a leads and for a schedule when the, they already scheduled the call. So I used to go to that too, to have that conversion.
And that went very well. I did not quite exactly set up the same thing for these new account. I just set up the conversions using the events, but not the way that you showed you showed us a couple of days ago. Could that be, that it could be. So what I would do is literally rebuild the campaigns exactly like they were.
Um, and so let's just isolate if that's it and it probably is. So it's not optimizing for the same thing that it used to optimize for, which sounds very, um, it doesn't sound like much on the surface, but this machine is now looking for a different target basically, you know, and to doing so it's not getting you the right targets.
So it sounds like you w you were optimizing for thing, number one, and the original campaigns, and then the new campaigns you're setting it to optimize for something else. Is that right? Yeah, I had one come pay for leads, one campaign for booking the call and one can pay for a, like a like looking for the purchase.
Cool. Yeah. Yeah. So rebuild everything exactly. First let it run. You know, first couple of days is probably not going to be that great as usual, but let it run for awhile. Well, let's just, let's just see. And if it continues to be weird, all right. Here's how you diagnose this stuff. You look and. In terms of a campaign you're going optic and the presentation to application to phone call, right?
Yes. Is that the part? Okay, so. I never to you guys. So like, I always lose my voice on these things. I usually just sit in silence all day, cause I'm a weirdo. Um, here, here was really where it's going to be breaking number one less people clicking on the ad for some reason. Uh, so you're gonna look and see if your click through rate is the same.
Uh, number two, uh, the on-page conversion could have dropped. You never know, but you're going to want to say, okay, is it, you know, I was getting 30% last time. Am I still getting 30%? So if all of that's the same, the next thing you want to look for, and I'm assuming the thing that's down is your amount of people at top of funnel, right.
Your opt-in rate. Right. Okay. So the next thing you want to look at is this number right here. Your cost per thousand impressions. And you want to make sure you're not changing anything about the setup of the campaign, you know, like, so no different country targeting, no different gender targeting, no different filters, no different placements.
Like literally everything the same. And if this is higher, significantly higher than it was, that is going to cause your cost per click to go up. Even if your click through rate remains the same. And sometimes I don't think this is the case, by the way that sometimes if you've had an account disabled and you open another one and it's the same URL and all this kind of stuff, Facebook's like, I'm going to charge you more.
And they'll charge you more per thousand impressions and that cascades that has a cascading effect down for everything else in your campaign. Yeah, I, what I made out like, um, I sold a membership and like they were charging me very little. I was paying about 55 cents per lead. And then I went to a dollar.
So, um, the other thing is, should I use another pixel? No, not, not yet. I mean, first I would literally do like copy everything. Exactly. But if you went from 55 cents a lead to a dollar, like where is it? Where's it broken? You know, because you're selling expensive coaching, I would assume. Hey, it's not that expensive because I, I like, uh, I have this mindset that, because I, because I'm not very good at selling, I mean, I'm getting better, but, uh, because of, because of that, I started to develop this mindset, but yeah, people buy the coaching, but not as much as I would like to obviously, but I made this conversion on how I think that would happen.
Trigger something. The other thing that I keep getting, Hey, your ads are running, but they were from my, by my bank account. So I wake woke up this morning to my band page, a band to the four other typing also. So I made an appeal and I don't know that this body's kind of crazy. It is. Yeah. Make sure you do it through your phone, but if we, if you're getting dollar leads, right, we gotta be able to survive $1 leads because 50 cent leads are great.
But dude, you know, dollar leads are still really, really cheap. So we kind of got the all right. Here's how to diagnose this Facebook issue and just see like literally rebuild everything exactly the same and look and see if that fixes the problem probably will. Um, likely the fact that you changed conversion objectives is what threw it off.
Cause that's a big deal, you know, it's like totally changing the target of where you're heel with the generals, like over there. And we say, okay, let's point the gun to here. We can't hit the general over there. You know? Um, But still this dollar lead, not working in the long run in terms of profitability.
That means something else has broken after click. Right. And so we're, we got a PR uh, before click focus, which is important to fix, but still dollar lead a pad. So what's going on after click you? Like, are you getting a lot of leads every day? Are you just running a little bit? Give me some stats there and we'll see if we can fix it again.
If I, if I put some on lower $15 a day, I get about a hundred. Okay. And then, so that's 3000 leads a month. Right. Yes. Cool. And you, do you sell them through a strategic session over the phone or video? Yeah, my conversions to my, from my phone sales are very, very low. Uh, I don't get I'm, I'm kind of starting, I have closed some clients, but not yet.
Not as much as two really. I had to, eh, sell parts of my, of the curriculum of the coaching plan. So I could get even on the advertising because I wasn't getting enough sales on the phone. So are you getting a lot of phone calls and not closing on the phone or getting a phone call? No, I can't, I can get enough phone calls.
Eh, I can get, uh, I put some forms to pre-qualify my car clients. So I don't get just visitors being curious. But, uh, but man, the show operate a kind of it's uh, an issue. Uh, eh, I have all the systems to, to make them, to make them aware of the call notifications and SMS notifications. But they show up. But, uh, sometimes I, uh, well, I, I can sell them.
They are Gale, uh, figure out and like later the whole same process, uh, a gets like very flawed at the end when I a, a trying to sell them stuff. Yeah, well, this is normal is everything you're describing is classic growing pains have a high ticket inbound consultative sales based business. So this is fine.
Um, how many phone calls does it take generally before you sell one? Uh, like, you know, if you have 10 people that actually you talk to, how many sales do you expect to get from that one? One and 10. All right. Cool. And what is, uh, what are you charging? Drew to grant. All right. So the math works, you know, because unless it takes a gazillion leads to get a phone call scheduled.
Right. So if you get a hundred leads, how many of those hundred will turn into a, an appointment? Well, yeah, Jane. Yes, you're paying, like something's not making sense, right? Because if you're getting 10 appointments for a hundred leads and each leads a dollar, that means you're paying $10. I'm I'm feeling like I get it really close, but I get these little accounts I had over.
Eight accounts closed, something like that because I, the PO the policies, because I'm I'm and I'm touching, it's kind of dating empowering for man. I dunno. It was kind of iffy and freaky Rubius, but, but that, that was my question. I will look at it too. I look for it. And I review the same, the whole thing and tried to really duplicate it because I, I'm not I'm aware because of the video that you made the other day that I did not set properly, the, the events for this new account, the accounts that the, the, the events that are on versions were set up for the, for the, for the.
I dunno for the business. I don't know, but they're not very, they're not available now in this new account. Yeah. Well, so rebuild them, rebuild the events, which be simple, you know, cause it was based on a page visit or whatever, so that's okay. And set everything else up. Exactly. But that's not your problem.
Your problem is there's something going on after the click. Um, or you don't have a problem and you're paying, like, if you're actually getting $10 per appointment, that's what it costs you. And then half of them show up. That means it's $20 per phone call and you close one in 10. That means it's $200 acquisition cost to sell a $2,000 thing.
And so the math works. I don't, I still think you do better at conversion. You're right. But the math still work. So it needs. I would be doing bad at my job. I didn't bring that up.