Oct. 19, 2020

Do you have a solution or any best practices to make ads work for clients in small cities with small audiences?

Do you have a solution or any best practices to make ads work for clients in small cities with small audiences?

I do marketing services. I run ads for people. I have copy I know works, I used it on several clients. What happens is when I get a client from a small city, it has a very small audience. So the lead ad usually doesn't work. I tried a bunch of...


So my question is because I actually, I run, I do marketing services. I run ads for people and I have a copy, but I know it works. I used them several times. And what happens is when I get a client from a small city, we has a very small audience.

So the lead gen the lead ad usually doesn't work. And I tried a bunch of stuff and I never actually couldn't get it to work. So I'm wondering if you have any solution for that. Yeah. Um, if it's, uh, if there's a no win situation, so probably it's not working, cause there's not enough people for it to be shown to.
So if the dude's a shoe store or whatever, and our 700 people in this city or what, you know, I mean, it just, isn't gonna. There's not a whole lot. You can do to move the needle for this person. Um, you got two choices, choice. Number one is just, don't take the client, which is number two, which is always a good thing to consider by the, you know, voice number two, depending on type of business is just do TV on the phone.
So are these, um, like retail store types of clients, uh, aesthetic clinics, med spas. All right. I would try for them. Yeah, I would totally try this for them is hit, get, make videos for them like a TV ad and literally, you know, enter their address and Facebook like we did yesterday, where we were pretending that we were selling the insurance or whatever, and set the campaign just to video views.
And show it to the perfect market and, and be like, Hey, you know, if you want med spa stuff, like go here and call these dudes and maybe even build them a little mini site with click, to call and then have the client just tell you whether or not they're getting more phone calls. And so if you get a cooperative client, that'll just get the hell out of the way and let you do your job.
And I actually like, literally I call it redneck analytics, you know, they say, okay, cool. Here's a note pad. Here's a pen. I want you to write down how many calls and how many walk-ins you got today, and let's compare it to last month and see if this stuff is working. If you'll get one of them, that'll do that.
It's the best clients ever. And you can bring them business for pennies, you know? And it's great. So local businesses, if though, if they'll just let you do that for them, you can rarely help them with that. All right. Cool. I, I actually, I never thought about doing kind of like commercial Adams in a sense, but that's really a great thank you.
And I've got, um, so the, the first person I ever tested that as weird because at 10. Seven 25 this morning, I got an email or a text rather from the tax record, uh, from the first client I ever tested that approach with. And the guy has a furniture store and, um, furniture store. And it's in the middle of.
COVID and he still running the same ads that we made last summer and the ads we made last summer, they got so bad on camera that he couldn't make videos. So I was like, all right, dude, fuck it. Send me footage of your inventory. And I will voice it over for you personally, just making shit up. I'm like, Hey, if you like designer furniture, but you don't want to pay a lot for it, you know, give us a call or whatever then.
So we ran the ad and we spent probably 600 bucks a month on it or whatever. Um, then I quit having him as a client because he was spending less on ads and he was paying me. And then I like the guy I'm like, dude, you don't need to be. Like, we're not doing anything, you know, it's just work and there's no point in paying me to manage your ads and not managing anything.
Um, so he's like, all right, cool, man. So I'm friends with a guy to this day. So I get this text from him at 7:25 AM. He's in Florida. He goes, sales are up 60%. Fuck Qubit. Yeah. You know, so that strategy works great. And it doesn't have to be like a produced. You know, it looks like a commercial. I mean, the video I made for the dude was he literally stood in his furniture, stow room, going like this, you know, panning across different items and I'm just talking furniture.
Good. You should call us. And it worked. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you. And one thing that I have to say, my clients are awesome. So yeah, they would probably do anything that I say. Yeah, that's good. And I like, I have a theory and it's an untested theory, but a theory, nonetheless, the best kind, which is for agency work.
Um, the problem with having an ad agency, you have a client is a real easy to get, give them exposure and get them clicks and get them traffic. But it's very, very difficult to control the after the click experience, when you're trying to generate leads for them, we're trying to generate someone to book an appointment or something like that.
You can get them all the appointments in the world and all the leads in the world, but they usually screw it up because it's not sales process. They're used to, you know, they're more used to somebody coming in and this is with traditional business are more used to someone walking in the door or whatever.
So I have a theory. That if you take on clients or anyone that does this, it takes on clients for not very much money per month. I'd say like 400 bucks a month or whatever, as a flat rate. And you just create like, you know, use whatever promo.com or any video maker and make them dumb ass, little commercials and do the TV on the phone style ads for them.
And let it roll. So more people will just walk into the store and call them. They'll be super happy, cause you're cheap and you won't have to do a lot because you're not having to, you know, measure their leads and all that stuff every day. They're going to screw up anyway and you'll probably get a lot of them that stick for a long time.
Sure. Can I, can I say something else? Uh, because you said that, uh, the way that we do now with our claims. Uh, anytime every time a client joins the client has to go through kind of like a course. And then we have had them make home. They have homework, they have to create the scripts to talk to clients.
They have to feel spreadsheets. They have to do a bunch of stuff. Uh, so we actually control very much what happens after the Creek. Uh, and that, that's one of the reasons why, you know, anything that I actually say my clients were through. Because we did some very stupid stuff. Like some guy thought something about income based marketing, you know?
So I saw that and now I'm using that and my clients are using that as well. So we got returned for like every buck in ads. Some clients get like 20 times over 30 times over. That's great. So they just do the stuff that we tell them to do. None of mine ever. Did.
You know, I remember I got on the phone with a dentist one time that we had taken on as a client and the guy was upset and he was like, Hey, you know what I wanted to add? And then you guys built these ads and you know, I'm not getting the amount of leads that I want or whatever. I'm like, well, Okay. Tell me about your sales process.
They tells me has nothing to do with leads and you know, like they would get the lead in of course, birth at the office. Never going to call the lead back. You know what I mean? And I was like, I'm looking at the guy's account. I'm like, yeah, we're running TV on the phone for you. Let me ask you a question.
What was last month's revenue? And he was like 17 grand. I was like, cool, what's this month's revenue. And he was like, it's 25 grand. I'm like, okay, about $2,000 worth of ads for you. How about you do shut the fuck up and let us keep doing our jobs. They should never let me talk to clients. And they really did.
And I don't think we kept the client,
but a lot of times they just like, they'll drive you nuts. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. I didn't know any statins, but here in Brazil it's kinda kinda bird head in. Right. So one thing that we can actually do in on the proposal is that we, so if you follow instructions, we can actually dismiss you as a client and we can keep your money.
That's in our proposal. So they write in big letters that they have to follow instructions. Otherwise just dismissed it. That's good. That's well done. I like it. I think, um, we could put it in something in the United States. They would probably Sue you anyway and it will stick. This is America. We don't have to take responsibility for our own actions here
anyway, with the dude that's like. Too small of a, you know, of an audience to get enough leads, try TV on the phone for them. If they'll just be like, alright, I'll just, you know, don't charge them very much for it. Cause you have to do anything and see if it brings them more business just as a result of that happening.
No, I'll do that. I'll do that this weekend actually. And I established the ads on Monday because I have like four or five clients like that right now. Um, so yeah, I will do that. Thank you so much for food. The, the knowledge. Yeah, that's our go to play or was, you know, I don't want to really take clients.
And like we literally said, we don't want to do this, but if you insist we'll do it and you can't be a pain in the ass and you know, we'll be, won't be a problem. And I think we have maybe 10, maybe at the most, but if any retail business that you know was a hair salon or whatever, anything we wanted to run ads, that's what I would do for them, for sure.
Cheap for them. You know, and the same effect, there's a $20,000 TV spend doing that. Yeah. True. True, true. Awesome. Thank you so much