March 22, 2021

HEALTH SCARE reveals marketing secret - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

HEALTH SCARE reveals marketing secret - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

We're recording this for you in this little wooden room of the California place where we are staying for the next couple of weeks, here in the summer, and just had the craziest health thing happen...


Well it's happening. All right. Thanks for listening to episode number this one. Dude, crazy story. You always want to start a podcast. Yes, we just do, because it's, you know, nothing, uh, conveys factionalism like that. Anyway, we're recording this for you in this little wooden room of the California place where we are staying for the next couple of weeks, here in the summer, and just had the craziest health thing happen. Well, well, by the way, it happened with Natalia. So when we were in Miami, before we decided to come to California for a couple of weeks, in this case, tape the escape, the fantastic heat and mosquito combination down there, she got like her blood work done by our blood work, doctor biology folks at streamline medical group, great company. If you're in the central Florida area, by the way. And, uh, you know, just she's like that, she's constantly. Taking care of herself and all that stuff. I, myself, I'm on the Hunter Thompson slash Keith Richard's medical plan, but Natalia is like really into it. So she gets all her blood work done and all that kind of stuff. We come out here to California and then they call it a review, the blood work, and, um, everything's looking good. And they're like, put out what kind of thyroid medication are you taking and why are you taking it? And she's like, dude, I'm not taking any thyroid medication. What are you talking about? And you're like, are you sure? And she's like, yeah, why are you asking me? So it turns out that the test was showing that she had super elevated levels of, um, I can't remember like T four and, uh, some kind of thyroid hormone thing, and then really low levels of some other thyroid thing called T S H I think for all of my fellow medical professionals in the audience. They're like, man, this is it's like really, really, really skewed these numbers. And it looks like you've got something really serious going on with your thyroid. And she's like, man, dude, really like, dang, that's kind of sketchy. And they were like, yeah, yeah, that's kind of sketchy. And so they said, you need to go. And, um, this is out of our area of specialty. You need to go to an endocrinologist and you probably are going to, they're probably going to need to do a, I don't know, not an MRI, but something unpleasant to check for like hotspots or something on the thyroid, you know? And, um, so, you know, and they're like, all right, so you need to get on that because this blood work is funky. 

And so she tells me and naturally I'm like, well, that's the end of the world. You know, this is horrible. So I do the worst thing possible, which is to go to Google. I mean, something like high thyroid levels. And I had the blood work, you know, I had all the reports and style, some Googling like the actual and all of this kind of stuff. And like all signs are pointing. To a very F to her having like a sudden onset of hyperthyroidism, which, uh, most commonly is caused by something called graves' disease, which is relatively common and also relatively unpleasant. Like you have to take medication forever, I think basically, and then eventually your thyroid stops working and then you have a whole host of other problems. And I'm like, oh my God, my poor wife, she's going to hate this. She can't stand taking any kind of medication and stuff. It was really freaking me out. So about an hour into the research, maybe too. Cause I'm like one of those people, you know, like I want to learn everything I can about whatever's going on just to, I don't know, in case there's something that, you know, to be gained from the knowledge. So however long into the research, I'm looking at whatever, you know, article number 950 million. And I, I just happened to read this one little sentence that says. People taking biotin supplements can often experience inflated test results for the, this particular thyroid hormone, which I think is again called T4 or something. And for whatever reason, I remembered Natalia, like was raving about a supplement she'd been taking. Um, that like makes your hair thicker or something, you know? Uh, and it contains the stuff called biotin. And so she was like telling her friends about it. I don't know why I remembered this, but I'm like, Oh, that's right. I think she takes biotin. And so I Googled biotin then thyroid, you know, and there's all these studies now and all like all of these findings that, Hey, if you take a lot of this biotin stuff, It'll make your test results for thyroid stuff. Like, look like your thyroid is all hosed up. And, um, I should mention that she didn't have any symptoms by the way. So she didn't feel bad. She didn't have the blurry vision. Like none of that stuff that's associated with hyperthyroidism. So I go upstairs and I'm like, Hey, you, uh, you take that biotin stuff recently. And she's like, yeah, I've been taking it every day for like six months. And, um, I'm like, Can I see the bottle and she's like, yeah, sure. And it turns out that the supplement that she was taking contains 10000% of the daily recommended allowance or whatever it is for this. 

Biotin mineral or vitamin or whatever the heck biotin works really well for your hair and nails. Apparently though. And so I, you know, I go back and I'm like, okay, you know, mega doses of biotin. And then it's just like everywhere, you know, like, oh yeah, if you take mega dose by it, then it totally screws up your test results and it makes it look like your thyroid is about to explode. And if you stop taking it for a couple days, your test results should be normal. So I talked to the biologist, Gary Breca who heads up that streamlined medical group. And I'm like, dude, she's taken, I think it's 3000 milligrams of biotin or some like unbelievable amount, you know? And he's like, oh God man. No wonder. Okay. You know, that's, that's what it is. And so. About, you know, four hours of our day was, was taken up with being super weirded out and super concerned. And, you know, like trying to schedule doctor's appointments and stuff, and it turns out biotin, take him a little hair, vitamin skewed, the test results. There was no evidence to show that biotin actually made the thyroid hormone level increase legitimately. It just looks like it increases in the test results. So. It's really kind of intense health scare for, you know, half of an afternoon and just got super lucky and stumbled on that article and, um, was able to put our minds at ease, you know, and here's the reason I'm telling you this is it. If you look at it, it was one little thing, which was this biotin consumption that triggered this entire domino effect. Of other stuff. So there's like, you know, the one little biotin thing makes the hormone one hormone level go skyrocket, which makes the other hormone level decrease, which makes it looks like, you know, she's probably got graves' disease, which now makes us think, Oh my gosh, there's something wrong with this. You know, with my wife's pituitary thyroid endocrine system, which is really not cool, you know, we don't want that to be happening. And it was all because of one little thing. And all of that actually is exactly what happens like 99% of the time in marketing stuff. It is this one little thing, which is often overlooked can make it look like the entire machine is broken. And so a classic example of this would be when someone has, it appears that their funnel. It's not working at all and they're, you know, they'll come to me and, and whether they're in the network or one of the other programs and they'll be, yeah, dude, what do I do? You know, it's not working and we'll investigate and we'll find, find out that actually everything's cool. Um, it's just that after people opt in. When they go to the sales letter and they end up clicking on the order form, the order form isn't converting. So instead of the entire funnel, it's just that one little piece of the machine. And I've talked about this before and I'm talking about it again because I keep getting it over and over again from customers and the network and clients and all of this stuff where they'll be really concerned thinking that, you know, the whole machine is broken, but in reality, it's just one part. So the thing that you need to do. It's just map out all the little moving pieces of your sales process. Um, I like to do it on a piece of paper. It's just like a pen. I use a Sharpie and a, it is a piece of paper and just write them all down. So typically, um, internet sales process would look something like this. You've got your ad. Then you have a lead capture form opt in form. Then you've got the thank you page, which may or may not sell something. Then you have your email sequence. Then you have your sales page, then you have your order page. And sometimes you've got to step between sales page and order page, which is. I call it step one, where someone has to enter their name, name, and email address again, then goes to the actual credit card part. You know, it's called a two step order form, which you probably know. And so if you write all of that stuff out and you just, you know, like, you know, little lists it's like here is my sales process. And then when stuff starts getting funky. Look at the metrics for each part. Right. And you'll almost every single time you will discover that it's not the entire machine that's broken. It's something like. Dumb, you know, like for example, they're opting in, but like they're not going to your sales page. And then you learn that they're not going to your sales page because you have three emails in your followup sequence that nobody's opening. So it means your opt in page is working. Sales page might be working. You just got to add some more emails, maybe write better email copy, and then resume instead of rebuilding everything. And I'm telling you 20 years doing this. Um, and this is the exact same stuff they ended up doing with businesses that are huge. They're making a ton of monies re time. It's one of these little things and almost always. The ultimate cure ends up being more followup. So isolate the places where people are falling out and then putting more email, follow up more SMS followup. If you have consent, et cetera, more messenger, follow up, more retargeting and all of that kind of. So anyway, hope you found this helpful and, um, If you just, for whatever random reason happened to take high doses of biotin for your hair and nails, it are about to get your blood work done. And your thyroid hormones look out of whack. It might be the biotin. So lay off the supplements for a couple of days and get retested should go back down to normal. But that is not to be considered medical advice because I am not a medical professional, or even a professional at anything. And no one should listen to me for any reason under any circumstances ever. Okay. Thanks for listening to this little tale. Hope you're doing great. I'll see you the next step so they could see my friends.