June 16, 2021

Most Successful Promo Ever? (Part 1) - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

Most Successful Promo Ever? (Part 1) - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

Want to update you on just a crazy thing that happened over Thanksgiving, and a couple of lessons to it. So decided to get on the bandwagon and see if this whole Black Friday thing was what it was cut out to be. So decided at the last minute that we...


What's happening. Homeys hope everybody's doing well. I'm recording this for you from the backyard. We've uh, we've moved recently from one house in the middle of nowhere to another house in the middle of nowhere. Still keeping up with the tradition of being on a gated estate. In a gated community in the middle of nowhere, hermit life.

It's kind of like thug life, but totally different, um, really serious pickleball mat. What's going on with the neighbors right now. I can hear them. I don't know if y'all can anyway, things going pretty good over here. One to update you on just a crazy thing. It happened over Thanksgiving in a couple of lessons to it.
So decided to get on the bandwagon and, uh, see if the soul, uh, you know, black Friday thing was what it was cut out to be so decided at the last minute that we would run a black Friday special and, uh, pulled the whole thing, you know, red out of the wazoo, we used the classic scientifically proven. Harvard tested NASA, invented rectal extraction method to come up with what to sell and, um, determined that, Hey, you know, we'll take a bunch of the books that we got and bundle them up together and sell them as a single package for a whopping $1.
And then we decided to put a whole bunch of, uh, order bumps in there. And one-click upsells kind of modeling. Well, not kind of totally modeling how a good old Russell Brunson did it. With one of his book funnels. I forgot which one, but we just copied the upsell structure there. Yeah. Who knows it worked, who would have guessed put out a killer offer.
And then let people who already bought stuff from you, buy more stuff at a discount and you'll end up with a bunch of money, um, which is kind of obvious, but dude, it's so easy to just overthink stuff, you know? I mean, so in a nutshell, and I'm just doing this by memory, because again, I'm in the backyard, just pacing around, probably looking like a schizophrenia.
Who's talking to himself. Um, In a nutshell, I think we did something like 88 grand and collected revenue from that thing over the, you know, a couple of days promotion, which was awesome. You know, so big thing from this number one is a man, I think generally speaking, and I know this is general, you know, so keep it with a grain of, but generally speaking, if you just do something.
To sell something like put together some type of offer and stick it in front of your marketplace. You're generally going to sell more stuff than you would have if you did not do that. I know. Right. Breakthrough who to thought, but dude, it's so easy to forget that because we get hung up on overthinking.
Yeah. And it's like, well, what should the offer be? Well, should I sell this thing? And what should the headline be? And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I do it too. So, you know, I hate ads or nothing, but, um, and that is proper grammar by the way. I'm from Georgia. Can you hear me walking on plastic wrap? You hear that in the Batman?
I just put a new carpet down in my little who house office here. Um, plastic wrap everywhere. Anyway. Hey, Hey, or nothing. Try to spell that if you're transcribing this, but, um, You know sure does work pretty well. So that's thing, number one, which is dude, it's like do something you're generally speaking, gonna make more money just by doing whatever and trying it, you know, but here's the other thing, um, which is of equal importance and that is great.
Googly. Like nothing can beat a good offer. I gotta, I've got to figure in the hierarchy of whatever is the offer that is King. Offer over copy, offer over positioning, offer over graphics, over layout over anything. And here's why I say that. So. The conversion rate. Now, now I've taken that sale by the way, the black Friday sale.
And then I swapped it out now, cyber Monday sale, same offer. And then I said, okay, I'm just going to take the word cyber Monday out of that and stick holiday on the page. And now it's holiday sale. And then when the holidays are over, I'm going to keep that I'm going to take the word holiday out and I'm going to replace it with special.
Um, and so here's why I started running traffic to it. God forbid. You know, which is another lesson in and of itself when something's working, do a whole lot more of it. Anyway, started running traffic to it and started running like retargeting traffic and everything, obviously that worked, but also started running cold traffic to this thing.
And this is early results. All right. But the cold traffic conversion from a stranger, seeing that webpage his kernbookbundle.com by the way, a stranger, seeing the webpage and becoming a paying customer, buying the stuff for a whopping $1. It's a 47%. Now this is early granted, but still what? The dude?
47% are you kidding me? It's unbelievable. I've never, ever, ever had anything convert like that ever 21 years, I've been doing this 41% and it's easy to be like, Oh dude, of course it is only a dollar. Well, to put it in context, my book, Frank Kern book.com. That's 10 pages of copy. For that book, if you were to print it out and be that masochistic, um, 10 pages of copy, a gazillion bullet points.
Pretty good. Copy. The thing is $5 and 60 cents. It converts between five and 10% to cold traffic. So 47% conversion rate on a dollar offer is pretty good, but here's where it gets super crazy. That's just the conversion rate. I have a two-step opt-in form or rather a two-step order form on there, where two means, you know, someone gives their name and email address and then they click next and then they can fill out the credit card info opt-in rate on the page itself is like 78%.
It's insane. 78% of visitors that go to that page end up starting to order. And then of course, 47%, this is cold traffic are, um, are becoming customers in total, which is just bonkers. So the question is why, and the answer is as Dan Kennedy once said in one of his newsletters, um, it's the offer stupid. And I'm saying that to myself, not to you so easy to get caught up with all kinds of stuff, when really all you gotta do is come up with a really, really freaking good offer.
Now the question is, okay, well, you know, What are the upsells and it's, you know, you're, what are you paying per customer? And is it as good as it sounds? And the answer is, yes, it is as good as it sounds. I'm paying roughly something around like $9 and 83 cents on average, to acquire a customer for a buck, which on the surface sounds terrible, you know, go in $8 negative or whatever.
But now I got all these upsells, so. I was just like, okay, let's just put it out, you know, put some order bumps and upsells and stuff in there and see what happens. I don't know. So I just sort of made up the prices. Didn't give any thought to them at all. So they range from like, you know, in the little checkout page little thing where you check the box, you don't go add this to my order and all that kind of stuff.
Those range from, I think 27 to $47, I think there's a 27 37 and 47 or something on the order page. Then there is a $97 a one-click upsell add, um, on that page, there are bumps that you can add to the one-click upsells. You can make additional purchases with the one-click environment. It's crazy. And I think those are like, 47 to $60 or something like that.
And then there's a second one-click upsell page and that's a thing for two 97. And then I ordered, I added some little bumps there and all of this was a pain to build, by the way, it's all like custom done and click funnels using a CF pro tools and man Jamie over there at CF pro tools, just the greatest guy.
Ever. He helped me with that. And of course, Darren it's who builds my funnels for me on our team. Also, he did all the tech stuff, so he's fantastic. Anyway, there's a bunch of Rican, other things people can buy in that particular funnel and, um, nothing crazy. I just took some stuff that was pretty good. And like, I don't know.
Let's just stick it in there and see what works. Maybe you 60 bucks. I don't know, dude at work. Right. So that whole, like. Let's just see what happens approach really freaking works. So is it profitable? The answer is a resounding great googly Mooglie yes, it is of noxious Lily. So, uh, we're getting a little better, generally speaking than a 2.3 X return on ad spend w same day from this thing.
And of course I haven't thought of a backend to it or whatever, you know, it's just, we don't want to go overboard here, you know? Um, but it's working. Right. And so the big takeaway is, um, is, you know, just pull something out of the air and stick it out to the marketplace and see what happens. You'll probably make more money than if you did.
And let's think number one thing, number two, the offer is everything right. And I guess thing, number three is you really can't go wrong with order bumps and upsells, no matter what you're doing, um, they're working pretty good. So I hope this little update finds you. Well, I hope you're doing great. If you want to see the thing, go to Kernbookbundle.com.
Check it out. So whopping $1, but please buy every single upsell 35 times. Um, I have a lot of kids and they eat a lot as do I all right. Until next time, take it easy. Homeys.