March 15, 2021

PROOF that you can do ANYTHING online

PROOF that you can do ANYTHING online

I think I'm going to name this episode PROOF that you can do ANYTHING online.  Of course there's a caveat to that. I don't literally mean anything, but in business, online especially, we sure do have a lot fewer limitations than we might think.

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I think I'm going to name this episode proof that you can do anything online.  of course there's a caveat to that. I don't literally mean anything, but in business online, especially we sure do have a lot fewer limitations than we might think. All right. So you know how, if you want to create a brand or sell some stuff or whatever,  there's this underlying belief that you need to look the part
so if we wanted to sell to business professionals, for example, we should probably look like a business professional. Or if we wanted to sell cosmetics and beauty to women, it would probably be helpful if we were, you know, women that looked like we knew what we were doing in terms of cosmetics and beauty.
And I bring this up because of some research that I did. Specifically around that very thing. So you may or may not know my lovely wife Natalia owns a cosmetics brand and her website is She is the spokesperson for that brand. And, of course I'm very, very biased when I say this, but in my opinion, she is an exceptionally beautiful woman with perfect skin and she's always taken excellent care of herself.
And especially when it comes to promoting her brand,  she really wants to make sure that. She looks the part with the logic being, well, obviously I need to have good skin if I'm selling skincare and that makes sense. However, it might not necessarily be true a hundred percent of the time. I discovered something very interesting that I will share with you.
So in doing research, About skincare brands. I came across a very successful skincare brand called Alia a I think it's a L Y a or maybe I have that backwards. A Y L a a L Y a skin. All right. And so this is, , a skincare company. And I think they're very good And they sell a lot of skincare products. They're very, very successful company and they're digital native meaning from what I can tell their primary advertising channels are social, mostly Instagram. And so you would think that the spokesperson for this brand would be, you know, very pretty young woman because that's who their demographic is, but lo and behold, When I go to Facebook ads library, and look at the ads that they're running.
I see that many of the ads feature a dude, actually a lot of the ads feature a couple of dudes. And the reason why is because the company was started by a couple of dudes. And when I say a couple of dudes, I mean, these guys look like they're in their twenties, maybe thirties. It's hard to tell for me.
They just seem like a couple of regular good old dudes. You'd like to sit around and drink some beer with. So they don't particularly seem to be, you know, skincare people or whatever. They look like a couple of bros. And what's amazing is in their ads, a lot of their ads. The dudes are in the ads talking about the skincare and , they're like saying, Hey, here's a message from our founder.
Here's a little bit about our company. Here's an offer and all of this kind of stuff. And what's particularly great about this. Is, they're not dressed up all fancy. They're not trying to look like they're, you know, quote unquote professionals in the cosmetics industry or anything like that. They are completely unashamedly, just being straight forward.
A couple of regular old dudes who just happened to know about this skincare stuff happened to have a really good company and happened to really believe in their products and want to tell people about it. So what we can glean from this. Is that it's really never about us. We put so much pressure on ourselves when we're trying to do branding to look perfect and to be perfect and blah, blah, blah, because we think that everything's about us.
But in reality, your prospect cares about one thing. Actually they care about two things. They care about what they want. And how they get it. So ultimately when we check out what's going on with that skincare company, those couple of dudes that are selling a whole bunch of skincare to market, which is largely made up of young women.
They're not talking about themselves or anything they're talking about. Here's how you get really clear skin. AKA what you want and how you get it. And it's working really well for them and good for them. I'm happy for them. And I'm happy for you. If this particular episode helps take some of that pressure off where you feel like you have to quote unquote, look, the part certainly doesn't hurt, but that's not what it's about.
People care about what they want. And how they get it. If you can demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them. You're probably going to do okay. Even if you're just a couple of dudes tried to sell some skincare, hope you found this helpful, take it easy.