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Frank rocks
Love his stuff. He could easily charge for this info

This podcast is GOLD!
I’m so glad I found this podcast! I love Frank Kern and didn’t realize he had this show. I listened to one episode and got so much out of it that I’m now binge listening to them all. Thanks Frank!

Love the content. Hate the production.
I love frank’s content. His knowledge and the way he shares it are incredible. But the production of this podcast drives me crazy. Stop the music and let frank talk. That’s why I’m here. Not for your clever background music that makes it difficult to concentrate on the man’s words.

Real value and real insight
Mr. Kern, this is awesome. It is ridiculous that this is free!

The best of the rest
I have been totally bought into this Frank Kern dude since Mass Control was released. Super smart with marketing. A true natural... and he’s funny as heck!

Never Let’s You down
Whether he’s in teaching mode or sales mode, there’s something to be learned every time you listen to Frank.

Frank Kern's got no time for BS
Frank just keeps delivering amazing content, invaluable resources, strategies, and tactics in order to grow our businesses and see the importance of proving you can help people by actually helping them. This podcast is a must listen for every business owner in today's world!

Referred by Frank's MM Student (AKW)
One of my friends (AKW) is in Frank's mastermind and had great things to say about him. His podcast is more like an online course and I highly recommend anyone looking to get to the next level start with the first episode and keep going. I don't know what he's eventually selling, lol, but in the meantime, this content is better than 99% of any that I've paid for. Excited to listen to a podcast that isn't all about ramen and struggling.

Awesome teacher
Frank Kern have a way to explain that sink in your brain. Really powerful.

Immediately Actionable Insights & Tactics
The format of this show is brilliant and super helpful.

Simple. Effective. Profitable.
What I love most about Frank's podcast is the simplicity of it. Each episode is broken down into bite sized chunks, so you can easily and effortlessly implement. It's almost impossible for you not to get a profitable return on the information Frank shares. Check it out!

Awesome Podcast
Awesome Podcast Frank's teaching stuff for Free that you could pay thousands for!

Simple. Clear. Entertaining!
The structure of this podcast is fantastic for any business owner ready to plan out their next marketing campaign. Frank's episodes are short & sweet so you're not tied down for an hour, but really, it's his worksheets for each episode that REALLY kick this into high gear for those ready to take action. Highly recommended for businesses of all sizes, whether you're striving for millions or not.

I love frank’s insights! Thanks a lot!


Great as always
Simple and comprehensive explanation of hard to do stuff. I guess you definitely have talent doing that. I wish I could speak English so fluent.

Awesome teacher - gives away his best
Frank is one of my favourite internet people and now that he has a podcast I am thrilled. His advice is actionable and comes from the best he has. He's totally cool with over 99% of people not being clients and benefiting from his content. Love that. Funny dude as well.

Great Value! A must on my list!
Followoing you for the last years and happy to have finally this opportunity to listen to your advice here on podcast. I appreciate that you provide tangible tips and donwloads for us here. This is for everybody who wants no BS advice. This is for everybody who knows your training and who does not know your training. When is the next?

Simple, Profitable & ACTIONABLE!
If you can't make this work, YOU are most likely the problem!

Frank Kern Teaches Systems that work... Period!
I’ve been involved in digital marketing since 2004 and Frank Kern’s teachings are by far one of my favourites! I’ve attended a live event, met his team and have taken in countless hours of his content. What I’ve learned has not only been invaluable in my business but my clients have highly profited from what I’ve been able to share as a result of learning from Frank. My advise, join his inner circle and if you need help, find people like to support you. Get your content making you money before it’s too late!

He has done it again!
He has really leveled up since he started this new membership. You can tell he is in a flow and it seems effortless. The material he shares if you implement it will change your business way quicker than you would ever expect.

Fresh, Actionable Content
Wow...great content from the Master of Marketing. This is the kind of stuff we need MORE of!

Frank Kern is pure GOLD!
I'm super excited for this new podcast of Frank's. Anything he puts out far exceeds what anyone gives for free and is simply pure gold! I'm in his inner circle and love all the value he and his team of Rockstars deliver weekly! #dowhatfranksays and your life will change.

Your next million with Frank Kern
Frank has over delivered marketing trainings for years..... he hasn’t disappointed with this podcast. He has over over delivered. You would be either mad or very very comfortable with the money you can earn if you choose not to subscribe to Franks podcast.....Do it now !!

My best friend
Frank is my best marketing mentor friend! He is a humble genius. If I ever get lost, and I often do, I return to Frank to get regrounded and back on track.

First Podcast
I so enjoyed this podcast. You provice valuable info.

Don't Be Fooled by the Easy Peasy Style - SO Full of Amazing Info You Can Use!
I love Frank Kern's style of teaching - he is a master at simplifying what can be incredibly complex strategies AND making you think you can actually do what he says - and it turns out...YOU CAN! We <3 Frank!

Loved it!
Really great info that I can’t wait to do. I was mentally doing something similar but hadn’t got it down. The worksheet will be really helpful. Thank you & I wish you all the best for your podcast.

The best marketing podcast, ever, period.
Man, seriously, this is awesome stuff. Frank has this natural ability to break things down and deliver them in a simplified way that anyone can follow. He’s a master of his craft and someone you absolutely should be paying full attention to. Watch what he does. Listen to what he says. There’s always a lesson in both. This podcast is incredibly valuable with 100% actionable content.

Another Homerun From Dr. Kern
Outstanding information with specific "How To". So many podcasts are "teasers" with no real meat. On this one, I feel like I got the entire cow, cleaned, cooked, and served to me on a silver platter. The best part of what Frank teaches is the simplicity of it all. He totally gives me the step by step direction of what to do, and then helps me believe that I can actually do it too. I'm forever grateful. His teachings and mentorship have truly been life changing for me.