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Great Podcast!
Frank is a great teacher who makes learning about business entertaining, enjoyable and easy. Practical advice that is a goldmine. Thanks Frank.

Frank helped me make millions
I have so much respect for FK it’s unreal. He’s helped me so much. I love him.

This is Priceless...
About time you did this Frank everything I learn from you is priceless just keep going...PLEASE!

Love Frank Kern!
So valuable. He’s down to earth and so helpful helping me build my business with all the knowledge he shares! So excited about this podcast!!

Always gets better!
These simple processes that Frank Kern gives are incredible. Can't wait to empliment and couldn't be happier with this podcast! Thank you!

So Happy You Started a Podcast!
Frank, you are the go-to guru in our house. Both my hubby and I love your stuff and have one of your programs. Looking forward to now being able to hear your wisdom in the car!

The Best FROM The Best
Wow, I can't beleive that I now have access to the legendary Frank Kern on iTunes. The podcast is fantastic. Frank gives you not only a high level overview of what you need to do, but he actually gives you ACTIONABLE, step by step, do this and then get that steps. And to also give you a pdf download on top of it.....All I can say is Frank is First Class all the way. Always has been.

The Most Antcipated Marketing Podcast Of All Time!
If you're in any type of entrepreneurial marketing/sales business, especially if you have any kind of online presence or do consulting/coaching, you should plug in to everything Frank has to say, including this podcast! He's a living legend in the digital direct response marketing space, and also happens to be incredibly funny, witty, sarcastic, and a genuinely caring and kind man. I'm so glad Frank finally decided to do a podcast! We've been awaiting this day for a long time :-) Check it out!

Solid gold
Frank’s advice has made me large sums of money over the years. He’s the real deal and shows you how to best serve your market at the highest level in order to create goodwill. This leads to people wanting to pay you handsomely for your expertise. Can’t thank Frank enough.

Way To Go
Frank communicates at a level I can understand plus moves right on through while keeping interest high. I was able to get the worksheet done and arrive with some actionable steps. As Gary Halbert said “Movement is the big secret behind getting stuff done”. Thank you Frank - you have another winner here.

Frank delivers (again)
Excited for Frank’s new podcast. He always delivers a ton of great value and this podcast is no exception. I first discovered Frank when he did a YouTube video interview with Tony Robbins and John Reese. If you haven’t seen that yet, I highly encourage you to check it out. Love the free worksheet and looking forward to completing it and getting ready for episode 2!

Always provides usable information
Frank's easy going method of teaching concepts and techniques makes learning easy and fun. I have been following Frank for several years and each time I take action with Frank's suggestions I make money. I now am part of his Inner Circle and am pleased to death with all the information he shares with us each month. He is the "Internet Marketer" that walks his talk!

Kern Hits Hit Out Of The Park Again
Frank delivers massive value and usable content like no other Internet marketing "guru." No hype. No fluff. Just marketing that works. The truth is he should be charging for his podcast. Awesome stuff.

Brilliant Model to Follow
Frank has an amazing ability to take something that we tend to make over-complicated and distill it down to it's most essential and simple components. All you have to do is follow along and implement the steps one-by-one. I can't wait to implement this new wisodom into my business.

The CHAMP is here!
Finally! The podcast we've all been waiting for. I think Frank has found his special purpose. He loves talking...we love listening. Keep them coming!

Ohhh Frank !
Good stuff :)

Frank Kern has incredible insights and is the real deal
I have learned so much from listening to Frank Kern over the years that has helped me in my career and business.This free podcast is worth a fortune to those that apply it and he could easily charge for this type of information! The only trouble with Frank Kern is that he is simultaneously a genius and hilarious.

Frank is the best
If you are looking for strategy AND execution advice Frank is your man. He’s the best in the business. Follow his advice and you will make your next million.

Your Next Million
Frank is the man. Finally, he's got a podcast to listen to. Our business has grown tremendously taking Frank's advice and following his methods. Awesome stuff Frank!

If you want real world practice advice to grow your online business then listen to this man. He’s a real person who’s been through the ups and downs and knows his stuff!! You can trust him!! His advice works!! 💪🏽

He just keeps delivering
It's so awesome to have a podcast were I can be driving and listennot only to top "Kernology" principles but most importantly HOW TO do it. Most marketers just talk about the sizzle and then try to sell you the steak. Frank always delivers practical concepts that moves the needle and then shows us how to do it (after he has tried on his business himself). Although this is the 1st episode, this podcast seems to be no different. Can't wait to listen to the next ones!

Well done Frank
Thanks for the scorecard Frank. Been using a similar method last year kudos to Dan S. with this method and worked great for us. Love to hear you‘re focusing on what‘s making you happy. Enjoy, see/speak soon, greetings from Switzerland, let‘s not debate last names lol remember that? Too funny. Congrats on your first episode love it, check out mine

High Impact / Huge Value
Super actionable & easy to listen to - you can feel the years of work in the simplicity of the concepts. Great storyteller and follows up his message with a here’s-how-you-do-it. Even includes a link to a worksheet so you can be sure to take the talking points right into your life. Highly recommended for any entrepreneur looking for useful next level ideas without overwhelm.