Oct. 5, 2020

We've applied your advice in the past to our brick and mortar, and now we'd like to get your advice on the best way to sell this thing in this day and age.

We've applied your advice in the past to our brick and mortar, and now we'd like to get your advice on the best way to sell this thing in this day and age.

What I'm trying to get done now is all of the pieces for this puzzle, and through the years we gathered lots and lots of things. So I'd just like to get your what twos and why fours on the best way to sell this thing now, in this day and age? So, it's...


I'm trying to get done now is all of the pieces for this puzzle. And though through the years we gathered lots and lots of things.

And so I just like to get your, um, What two and why fours on the best way to sell this thing now in this day and age? So it's, um, well, it's been a long time since I've worked with any ass kickers. That is what I call self defense people. And, um, what worked in the past and what probably still works is opt in to see this video of how to kick anybody's ass.
And then the video shows you kicking people's asses, and then there's a sales video, or long form sales video of here's how to stop any attacker dead in their tracks. And what's historically always worked there's the them and the them or the street, you know, and they're out there and like, good Lord, like talk about a silver platter.
You know, you got riots, you got this, you got, the police are to be funded and blah, blah, blah. And, um, Here, you know, you, you don't have to be in shape. You don't have to be trained. There's three simple moves and you can, you know, what's the word, a devastate, anybody and the stuff. So the pitch is the same as it's always been.
Which is I'm going to show you how to kick the living crap out of people, you know, and, and everything about the everything you've ever learned in the strip mall, dojo and stuff. It's stupid. This is the real stuff as taught by someone who's really kicks people's assets. Um, and so the question now becomes the, who, who do you show it to?
And historically it has been like the, uh, the Fox news people. So it's the grumpy old men. You know, that never taken any sort of self defense ever aren't going to, but like knowing that hypothesis exactly. They at least have the knowledge of, this is what I would do. Um, if, and, uh, when I was helping the client that I helped, who was awesome.
I'm just not going to say who it was, just had a courtesy it's not weird or anything, but you know, don't say Chris. Yeah. Yeah. You're not going to, um, it was, uh, it was primarily to that demo, you know, and the whole pitch was always, here's how we kick the shit out of people. And it was always, um, uh, you know, they'd opted in to see the thing or whatever, and if they didn't buy, there would be some sort.
Of bonus stacking, uh, multiple times a month, just a new promo every month from now, get this other way to smack people in the face. It, uh, it worked or great. Okay. Well, when went over the five days, this is what we've done. We actually targeted the Fox people. Uh, I mean, uh, like Glenn Beck and Laura Ingram, all of those, and we got fantastic results actually.
So. Um, but the problem is that we, they just went to the point, uh, uh, uh, you know, schedule an appointment and no one did that. Everyone else that they sort of watched the video, they went to the next. Um, or the Facebook ad, they went to the video, they watched that, and we just created like a little one to two minute, you know, how do you deal with someone trying to choke you and, you know, just like smack them in the head with the pen.
Oh, that can do that. But that's, as far as any of them went, they, you know, as far as giving us. And so we have to put some more beef in there, I think, to make them take that next step. So, yeah, I wouldn't, I would never try to talk to them because you know, you're going to sell them. Videos of you kicking the shit out of people and here's what you do.
You know? I mean, God, that stuff works. I was so dumb when I worked with Chris. Cause I was like, I'll only do it. If I can be the bad guy in the videos, he was like, all right, I'm going to fuck her. No, it's horrible to be on the receiving end of the things you guys did few I'm like, why didn't I do this a terrible, this guy kicked the shit.
I mean really like beat the hell out of me for a full eight hours. Um, but now I know that I can easily be killed by another man. Uh, so that's great. Um, but it's got to really be very aggressive, you know, like just visual, highly visual, showing them how to do it. Um, you know, and then go here and buy further.
Let me show you how to do it. And that's what works. So I wouldn't expect them to schedule a call. No, not unless it's local, you want to come in and train with us. It's that crowd is more dude on the couch, probably my age or older in worse physical condition than me, which is almost, you have to try at that stage to give them a physical condition to me, you know, and just worried about them, them coming to take what's mine, you know, and then that's, he's hit the hot buttons and show more videos.
Beating the hell out of people and they tend to like it. So even if it's a high ticket item, like, uh, you know, the, the price points 3000. Okay. Well, so for three grand in the age of coven, what are you going to do for like, how, cause like for that you got to, I would assume that you'd want to be in there with the person and you know, you're really showing them how to do this stuff.
So can you deliver it? Well, uh, it's, it's really based on, um, uh, a complete course that has 21 videos and there's some things that they're going to need. So then I figured that people were looking at to buy this stuff. They can afford this human torso target and we'll send them the other things where they can buy it off of eBay where I don't really care, but they're actually going to be doing this stuff in their homes on their own with this.
And it's all very logical, you know, and it's like, Hey, Frank, take the pin, hold it in your right hand. Pound them in the head. Now, put it in your left hand, pound them in the head. Uh, let's see. Now sit in a chair, pound them, lay on the floor. And it's like, so what really happens in real fights? We give them the experience with that, but they don't, they don't need me there.
I just. Tell them what to do. They watch, you know, the instructor instructing, they watch other people doing it and follow along. I wouldn't drop. Um, I would really model what Kristi, cause it just worked so well, you know, which I would drop the price on that stuff to a couple hundred bucks. Cause here's some videos I'd break it up.
And the series, you know, and so here's the video and how to use weapons. Here's a video on how to use your bare hands. Here's the video on how to deal with the guy with the knife. Here's the video, how to deal with multiple attackers. Here's the, it doesn't have to be a single video. It could be a series.
Here's the series on how to disarm somebody with a gun, you know, like. Here's a series on groundfighting here's a series on, you know, what happens if you're choked out, like all of that kind of crap, and then you ascend. So do come and train with me personally, and I'm only letting so many people in, and that would be the three key thing.
I think I'm three K four in home. It's going to be a tough sell. Okay. Really? What they want is, Hey, they didn't want to like, actually. I mean, you know, you're going to, like, let's say you sold 10,000 people that how to kick people's asses DVDs in total. Like they're not actually going to get and do the exercises and do any of the training, you know, they're just going to watch it real.
Yeah. That's have some watch him do that sort of thing, you know? And so knowing that it's kind of like, that's really what they're buying is that dopamine hit of them. The experience of confidence, thinking that they know by osmosis of watching it being done, that they, they can be mr. Tough guy. So it's really an and model business five ever seen one.
Okay. Yeah. And we can do that. The way they're designed is like, first of all, it was like the most important thing. If you're really going to protect yourself is to arm yourself. So with, do teach them how you can arm yourself. You can arm yourself with a pin, with a flashlight, you know, with a, uh, good night.
Well, and we do try handgun training in there because the reality is that the guys who teach you get away from. Take a gun away from someone or a knife defense in a reality is if someone pulls a gun, you better have a gun and you better shoot it then before they shoot you. Right. So it's the same thing with the knife.
The knife defense is shoot them with your gun, you know, so, and if you don't have a gun, then stab them with your knife before they stab you. So, so this is not the BS stuff. You know, this is the kind of stuff that you're, you know, that we talked to Navy seals and too. You know, to the real operators and guys, so it's not, I mean, there's, you know, in case.
So I mean, and we can certainly break it into those cause it's it, there are, um, the, right now it's five different modules with, uh, maybe a half a dozen videos in each of those modules. Yeah it way. So, I mean, that's the good thing it'll always sell, but the like, so if you remember Chris's stuff, it was, and he was gifted at being extremely graphic and extraordinarily aggressive in the copy.
And that really that's what it takes, you know, just really over the top. Here's how big it is, you know what I mean? Just obnoxious. Um, and that, that works. And so they. They don't care about any technical stuff. It's just, can I kick the crap out of somebody? Yeah, you can. And you're right. They're out there.
And they're trying to take from you when you need to defend your family. Cause them, you know, and there is no town, you gotta own, there's humans in a role, this same group of people, but these folks are, they're going to absolutely events. There's a them. And so you need to be ready for them. Cause they're out there.
They want to take from you and you know, it. Yeah. And so you sit in your arm chair and you watch the stuff on your phone and then you'll be prepared, you know, and that's, that's what they bought. Okay, easy, easy enough, you know, so I can take that approach with it. So yeah. And some of them will come in though.
They'll come and fight with you personally, and there'll be fun and there'll be the ones that are really serious. Um, but even those dudes will be in terrible physical condition and they're not actually going to do the stuff. That'd be good. I mean, I know all this firsthand because I, you know, worked with that client.
I'm like, dude, tell me everything fascinating niche, you know, it's like, really dude. I'm like, who are you selling? He's like, got it, like old dudes with a little bit of money and they're mad. And like, how are they kicking people's ass? He's like, they're not, they're terrible shape. You know, we are always worried at seminar.
I'm going to kill one of them. But he damn near killed me. And I was like 35, you know, and a good physical condition at the time. So I'm like, well, maybe you should dial it back a little insane. Uh, but anyway, you can get it.