Oct. 2, 2020

How do you ease up your workload to focus more on the sales side than the deliverables side?

How do you ease up your workload to focus more on the sales side than the deliverables side?

I'm just trying to figure out how to ease up the workload that I have for myself, so I can focus more on the sales side instead of the constant deliverables...which are bananas. Well, which is your strong point? I mean, I've run ads for years, so...

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I'm just trying to figure out how to ease up the workload that I have for myself. So I can focus more on the sales side instead of the constant deliverables, which are bananas.
Well, which is your strong point. Um, I mean, I've run ads for years, so that's, I mean, I've always, essentially. Created a new job for myself. Like I'm going to be the business owner, except I just keep then creating new jobs for myself. Um, so I'm, I think I'm better suited and it's a better use of my time to be on the sales side of things.
Cause I way better, like I'd much rather prefer sit on sales calls all day long and just sell people into it then ever like be writing the ads. Cause that takes me way longer to do the setup and audience research and all that sort of stuff on. The deliverable side, as opposed to just bringing in more and more revenue.
Okay. Well, in that case, you're right on point, I was going to say, just get a sales person. Uh, if you, if your skillset is the ad management, I'm the opposite. That'd be like, dude, just stick me in a quiet room with headphones on and let me make ads all day. Um, I couldn't be happier, you know, I love it, but everybody's different.
Right? So. You don't have to clone yourself. And, uh, I would document every freakin process, every little thing. And then I would understand that they are not going to follow the direction. Not, not the client, but your, your staff, you know? So like when we grew like Cardon Cardi, Bruce so fast because we don't mess around, you know, and like I build the ads and build the team and like ran that whole thing.
So we went from nothing that
I should have stayed longer just to, you know, get a little bit more revenue. Um, but dude, nobody. Would do what they were supposed to do. This big guy is big Dominican guy, bigger than me. I'm six, two, 200, almost two 60, but it's mostly, you know, muscle. Um, and this guy, it was bigger than me. I was like, Jesus, it's a big dude.
And his job was to yell at people and make sure they followed instructions. They still didn't. So it's managing a big team like that is, um, is very, you know, that's a, that's a task, no easy task either. But then again, maybe you don't want to, you know, grow that fast and that big, so you don't, then it's pretty simple.
Yeah. And I definitely don't don't want to be that big. I don't have the desire of managing quite that many people or nor do I think I can spend quite that much money. Um, I like money, but I don't need that much of it. So, you know, there's definitely a happy medium somewhere in between where it's kind of a small, manageable size team that can take on some of this workload.
Yeah, well, it's doable. I mean, it's, you know, no end to it, the opportunity. And right now COVID, I mean, I hate to say it, but it helped anybody in the business of helping businesses sell things digitally, regardless of whether or not their retails and helping, you know, acquire customers through digital channels.
All this thing has done. It's helped us. So your opportunities have just gotten even better. Because businesses who used to be like, yeah, I don't know are now like, Oh God, you know, we need help. And everybody's on the internet staring at their phone. How do we get that? Oh yeah, absolutely. Like the preceding that into a lot of the like content and things like that, or I'm like, Oh great.
Like you kind of thought about wanting to be online, you know? December of last year. Well, now it's kind of really incredibly necessary for you to do so, or you're going to not have a business. So yeah. It's definitely been a tremendous benefit as far as business and growth is concerned. Yeah. I'm with him, but still we wish it hadn't happened, correct?
Yes. I definitely wish it hadn't happened.