Oct. 28, 2020

In my ads, do I always have to ask for the email to make a follow up sequence?

In my ads, do I always have to ask for the email to make a follow up sequence?

So my question is I have my ads, but in those ads, do I always have to ask for the email to make a follow up sequence or something like that?  Yeah...


So my question is, okay, I have my ads, but in those ads, do I have always to ask for the email to make a follow up sequence or something like that? Yeah.

I don't know why it's blue, but this would be my copy. Read this. If you want to use Photoshop, you know, and then, watch this if you want to use Photoshop, right? Cause it's a video. So you keep your same video. Damn it, it won't let me change. My, I still don't quite know how to use this stuff. And then, um, You would get their name and email address and then send them to this tutorial.
So now you would have the only disadvantage here is you don't control. What happens when they click from tutorial video over to the checkout system of the affiliate you're promoting. I, I have a little bit of control. I'm tracking the clicks in the, in the button of the offer. My affiliate link and the tracking system is telling me when a conversion is happening, right.
So it's like, I don't know if you're, if you were aware, aware of it, but it's through a Postback URL. Okay. I know what you mean. I didn't know that that was available by some affiliates. It's pretty sweet. Yeah. So that's, that's how I know if I made a sale or not. And the thing is I I'm trying to send people directly to my tutorial without asking them for, for the email and their information, because I don't want to create like friction.
Uh, you know, I, I don't want to be like annoying, but I see what I see is that everybody's actually asking for emails, but my, my question. Okay. I'm okay. I'm reaching to, to my, to my public eye. I'm, I'm doing some tests with different options, but what to say in that, in those emails, there's the same thing or, well, encouraging them to be two, to go again for the tutorial.
We're that's, that's my question. As I'm telling you, I'm new at this, I paid up the advertising, you know? Cool. Can you see my screen? Yeah. Sweet. Alright. So what I would done did, I wish I could move this over, but whenever I'm. What I would do. Number one, I would like develop your own tool. You can have all of the money.
It just sounds better for me. If you were to have all of the money would be great. Um, incidentally, I wouldn't have, like the first business I ever had that did over seven figures in a year was about dog training. And I started out as an affiliate for this dude. It w I can't remember the website. It was a ClickBank, you know, dog training product.
It's like 2006. Then I was like, dude, I need to be able to track blah, blah, blah. And the guy didn't get back to me fast enough. And I was like, screw it. I'm going to make my own dog training product, because I had worked as an installer for one of those companies where they have the radio wire that goes around the house and the dog, the way the little collar.
So I had trained like 370 dogs to stay on these fences. I'm like, screw it. I'll make a dog training product. I don't care. And so I just recorded my. My own voice, telling people how to use positive reinforcement to train their dogs. And, uh, I ended up selling that. And the reason I created that product is because I was successfully selling this other dudes affiliate thing and I couldn't track it how I wanted to and all this kind of stuff.
And I was like, screw it. If I was keeping all of the money, this would be awesome. So thing, number one is if you can develop a tool, like by all means do it, but if you can't, here's what to do. Run the ad, read this. If you want to learn how to use Photoshop or whatever the tool is. Excuse me. Can I actually tell you what I'm doing in my tutorial?
Yeah, it really doesn't matter. Two people who wants to create a website, that's it. What's the offer down selling a costing. Okay. Why am I doing that and why? I'm not like reselling the hosting because. The commission is actually pretty good. It's not, it's not a percentage, but it's a flat rate. And it's what the person pays is actually much less than what I'm gay.
What I'm getting with my commission. Okay. It's like three times because this is a lifetime customer for the company. So they have these, these commissions. That's why, so that's, that's what I'm doing. Okay. I'm paying for babysitters who wants to create a website and they see my tutorial, some clicking the offer, but what's, I mean, if you were doing this.
What would you do? What, what would be the structure? Email sequence two, three emails. I don't know, excuse me if I'm repetitive at this, but I really need this working because this is, this is a very good model that has been working for me organically. But I can't imagine how well this is going to work when I pay for the ads when I get to the right audience.
Because as I'm telling you, these people are paying less than what I'm getting for each committee. So it's it's yeah. The price is not oppression. Okay. The problem is like, how do I convert these people into. Into customers well for, for the company and for me to get that commission, right? Yeah. So running ahead, it looks like that one.
It says, watch this. If you want to build a cool website or whatever it is that they want to do, right. So there's probably a description to your videos. So I'll use, like whatever is said in the video description is your headline because it's clearly getting organic attention. So it'll probably work in the app, get their name and email address on the opt in page or through a lead ad, send them to the tutorial.
And then see if they bought right. Some will some won't. Now what what's going to make this sucker work is if you can, if the, a hosting company can somehow post back that this particular subscriber bought, that would be great. So you can stop emailing them if they can't, you're just going to have to keep emailing them helpful information.
And, you know, they'll have to hit the unsubscribe button if they don't like it, which God help them. You know, it's not a big deal. So let's say they. They watch and that you, you run them through the sequence. So they see this tutorial. Um, next year you do is you put them in another email sequence, and now this is another.
Cool tutorial. And this could be here's how to build a cool about me page or my website, or here's how to build a cool, um, contact form on your website or another element of content there. And at the end of it, you're doing the same thing, which is pitching the hosting company. Right. And then if they still haven't bought you do the exact same framework of click sequence,
content pitch.
So this is, there's an offer called an edgy editorial offer, you know, like a tutorial pitch, uh, and then two, and then you just keep doing this, right? I would say deadline sequence normally, like if they quit to watch this and they don't purchase, you put them on a deadline, but I just don't know if you're getting the data back accurately from the hosting company.
You're an affiliate for. So if you're not, you just literally build out like, A gazillion different video, uh, videos for them and put them in an email sequence is constantly driving them to new videos that are relevant to what they would hope to accomplish with their website. And you're, uh, you're probably gold.