Oct. 23, 2020

Can you recommend the best online sites for creatives to use to create videos and assets?

Can you recommend the best online sites for creatives to use to create videos and assets?

What is the best place you would recommend to create online assets? So they don't have to develop them over? Like making stuff? Yeah, so you want to make videos? All right, let's see here.


Can you just repeat real quick so we can put it in the group the best place that you would recommend for creatives, like online, stuff like that. So they don't have to develop them over, like making stuff. Yeah, you want to make videos? All right, let's see here. I think, I want to say here. Here's Premo. All right in here is banner bannersnack and an alternative to bannersnack is something called Canva. And so bannersnack has pictures and stuff and promo is video. And so we'll start with promo. All right. Is, this is what I use. Like they have all of this, my logged in here.

Yeah. They've got all this stock footage. And so you can just type in, I dunno, let's type in fitness. Cause obviously I'm super into that fake fitness, the best con, right. And so they've got all these random templates, you know, so we can preview it. And we just, I don't want to make an ad out of this. This is gross, really gross, but whatever.
Right. And so we have quick and then we can hit customize. And now we have this video will come up and it'll allow us to put words and stuff wherever we want to over the screen. And like, I mean, this is clearly what should be here. You know, you should call me at that number for personal training and you ultimately look like this lady.
That's how Natalia got in shape. She was gross before we met. Um, and I'm the one who totally responsible for incredible levels of fitness. So it's, it's an amazing tool. And I don't remember the cost of it. It's pretty cheap, you know, and there's like a zillion of these templates, so it's obnoxious. Um, so what I'll do is I just like totally dork out and, you know, and look at stuff I'm like, I don't know.
Maybe people will dig this thing and. Just slap stuff together and see what happens. You know, I'm like that one was pretty good. I might would make something out of that, you know? Pretty cool. Um, so there's this one. And then if you want to mess around with images, we have this guy bannersnack and I love this thing and I'm pretty sure you can do the same with Canva.
I just, for whatever reason we use bannersnack and I think I'm in here. I am. So we'll go into my workspace and here's how this thing does, like, these are. Do you recognize these, these are images that I used in our slides. Um, so, so like how I was able to create some of the graphics in the slides. So if you want to make something here, you got to create new and this is awesome.
So you can be like, all right, I don't want to make a blah, blah, blah, a, um, Medium rectangle or Instagram video posts. What's new, they have videos. Yeah. Or whatever, you know? And so I'd say, alright, I want to make a medium rectangle. Cause it's kind of the standard or a square it's kind of standard issue, uh, image size for social media ads.
And then you can be like, all right, man. Um, You got all these like various themes. So I can have this as a theme and I could put my own stuff, or if I wanted, I can upload my own pictures from slap them over here, or I can go to stock photos. All right. And I could go with, uh, big fat guy. All right. And. Get a tiger because that makes perfect sense.
Right? And you draw up, drag it over there, and then you got your big fat guy and blah, blah, blah. You can make an image, you know? So it's pretty fun that, uh, it's a, it's a good time to mess around and make these images. So all this stuff, I have zero design skills made painfully obvious by looking at these, right?
So these are all ads that I built. Tested and they've all worked out pretty good. It, uh, the more, the better, you know, So that's what I use pretty easily. This is the, both of these are the types of services you don't have to read directions. So no directions involved, sold. Alright. Relatively simple to figure out.