Jan. 27, 2021

Is Clubhouse Worth Messing With? (yes, but NOT how you might think)

Is Clubhouse Worth Messing With? (yes, but NOT how you might think)

Hope everybody's well. Happy whatever today it is...Saturday. I want to answer a question that was on my mind. It's been on a lot of people's mind, what's the deal with this Clubhouse thing, is it worth messing with? There's a lot of debate on it. So...

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Okay. Hope everybody's well. Happy. Uh, whatever today is Saturday, we're going to be, uh, pretty brief right now because I got to, uh, I got to go, we got company, but I want to do, uh, the answer question that was on my mind.
Anyway. It, uh, it's been on a lot of people's mind, which is, what's the deal with this? Uh, what this clubhouse thing is it worth messing with? And, um, I don't know. There's a, there's a lot of debate on it. We started going to see if this thing's working. Yeah. Okay. It kind of shows people's comments on here.
All right. Whatever. Um, anyway, so I'll be fast. So here's the thing about clubhouse and I'm not a clubhouse expert. I just spent about an hour on it and I was on an, on it for about an hour or two, maybe two days ago. I have spoken in two rooms. That's right. A whopping two rooms, and I have not ever started.
A room. Um, both of them were, were very, very. Interesting experiences. So the first room that I've ever joined in clubhouse this week was actually about race. It had nothing to do with marketing. It was hosted by a lady and, um, Oh man, I'm so sorry. I'm blanking on this person's name. We don't know each other, but anyway, it was hosted by a lady and the, the name of the room was white people.
Dot, dot, dot. What's up with racism or something like that. And, um, I'm fascinated by that topic I'm appalled at, uh, or racism and I wanted to learn about it. So I hopped in there and I listened for a long time. It, uh, I learned perspectives that I'd never heard before. And it was, it was quite an eye opener, so had nothing to do with marketing, just kind of sat there.
And that was awesome. Um, so then today, I joined a, another one. Actually I joined two rooms today and the first room that I joined, it was called like millionaires, helping people who want to be millionaires or something like that. And, um, it was good. It was, it was really, really cool. And, um, I got invited to speak and I got to answer a couple of questions and that was very, very nice, um, at cetera.
And then when I'm screwed off for a little bit and then went and joined another one. Which is called like top 100 social media influencers or something like that really need to have a better memory because this was minutes ago. So what inspired me to extreme to you right now, before, uh, before I have to go.
And that was cool. It had like a lot of. Actual influencer people on there, not necessarily direct response marketing people, and they were talking about stuff and it dawned on me and all three of these experiences that clubhouse is without question. Worth messing with in terms of building your brand, but potentially not how you, I think, and this is funny.
So the folks that I've talked to about clubhouse, it's a very limited number of people. Um, the folks that I've talked to about it are like, man, you can go on and if you get in a big room and people, if you talk or something, you'll get this many Instagram followers or whatever, and then they'll DM you and then you can sell them stuff.
And I'm like, Oh, okay. That sounds fun. You know? Um, not really, like, I mean, not that I mind, but it sounds kind of like manual labor, you know? And, um, so it didn't hold any appeal really. And with me being a very, very visual person, I, I was like, this isn't going to be for me. But what I discovered over these three clubhouse thing sessions is when it comes to brand building.
Clubhouse can be an incredible tool for you. So if we think about what allows us to build a personal brand, and even if like we're dealing with a corporation like Adidas or something, what could, what you know, would be used to build a global brand? That's not even personality based. It's always like, everything is always about who you want as a customer.
What they want and how they get it. And a lot of times we creators, I guess, for lack of a better word. Um, we think we know what people want, you know, and when you survey people and ask them what they want, it's the, Oh, you'll get like data that might not be accurate. And. It might not contain the right choices for them anyway.
So the big benefit of clubhouse from my very limited experience, I'm like, sure, there's probably a way you can get on there and pitch and whatever, you know, but the big benefit. To clubhouse from my limited experience to help someone build a brand faster is it gives you incredible insight on what people are experiencing, what they want, what they're curious about, what bothers them.
And most importantly, how you can help them, even if you never say a word on there, you know, if you're just listening. You get all of that insight. And then if you take that insight and then the later create your content around it, then you're, you're hitting the market right in the sweet spot, in the real sweet spot, based on what they're talking about and clubhouse, I mean, think about this, like the old adage from, I believe it was Robert Collier who said it and the Robert Collier letter book, I think I'm quoting my teachers.
Right. Uh, you know, Forgive me for the, or missing the misquoting. Someone, if I am, it was very important people to be misquoting. I'm pretty sure it was. Robert Collier said, you know, one of the most important things about marketing is to be able to enter the country versation and the prospect's mind, you know, and clubhouse allows you to do that because you can just eavesdrop.
On like ethically you're allowed, you know, they've invited you in or whatever. I use a public room, but you can eavesdrop on what people are talking about, what type of questions they're asking. And they literally just lay out the blueprint for you of here's exactly what I can do to help these people, which of course elevates the amount of Goodwill that you're able to provide to your marketplace.
So, Can you make money on clubhouse pitching stuff? Probably. You know, I mean, yeah, I guess I don't know. I don't intend to, um, can you make way more of an impact longterm, which is going to lead to money? It always does. Goodwill always leads to money if you attach offers to it at the right time and clubhouse is the absolute best tool for that.
That I have ever seen is even better than the old research methodology of reading like forums or whatever discussion groups or, or, you know, sometimes people who are really go into research mode will go and look what people are posting and Facebook comments. And the reason I think is better in terms of getting inside the head of your marketplace and really understanding what they want and how you can help them is because there's no filter.
You can't edit. Or delete a comment that you have made clubhouse, you know, like if you ask a question or something, you can't go undo that, you know what I mean? And so it's like, it's very, very real. It's like there, you're seeing a stripping away in many aspects of a pretense. On the part, not necessarily of people who moderate rooms, although every room I've been in was moderated beautifully.
I'm like, it seems like very polite platform. It's really refreshing. Um, so, you know, uh, John Lee was a, a moderator, um, today, uh, this dude Eric from Hawk media, which is a great agency out of Los Angeles was a moderator today. It was fantastic. Um, you know, so it's like, there's, it's realer. That's, uh, that's a good term.
So I would strongly recommend you get on there, get in rooms where your desired market that you want to serve, where they are and make no effort whatsoever, unless you didn't really help, you know, to like get attention or whatever, just hang out and listen. I have attempted to sign up with a fake names and nobody knows who I am.
Cause sometimes I'll go in there and they'll call on me and stuff. I'm like, man, I don't want to be weird, you know, and like the climate or whatever. Um, but that's, that's my take on it. So I hope you found this useful man. Um, I gotta go. Thank you all for watching me on a Saturday night, please. Uh, please have a really good weekend.
Oh, I totally forgot to pitch. What am I doing? What's wrong with me. Um, if you're into branding stuff, we're doing a free challenge, uh, and you'll never guess the URL it's, let's launch your brand.com. You can go there and register. It's gonna, that price is going to double, uh, you know, before the timer. Hit zero.
Of course the price is, is free. So double free is still zero. Uh, so I hope you'll join me on that. We start that challenge is five days a slide. We started on the 15th of January and you can see details, uh, you know that so onto your brand and all of the propaganda that I've put up there for it as to how amazingly good it's going to be and how you'll immediately become wealthy within seconds of joining.
None of that is true. Um, but join me if you, like, I hope you do. That's what we'll be working on there. Okay. Off we go. Homeys, I'll talk to you all later. Take it easy.