July 21, 2021

Most Successful Promo Ever? (Part 2) - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

Most Successful Promo Ever? (Part 2) - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

There's something I forgot to mention to you, which is how absolutely horrible the sales page is. Seriously, look at it...


Hey, Hey, Hey, welcome back. Hope you all were doing well. You know, I forgot. And the last episode where we were talking about the most successful promo ever, which I think from a statistical point of view, that current book bundle thing is still the most successful promo ever, just in terms of conversion rate and like velocity of return on investment. Is that a word I don't know? Is that the right way to phrase that whatever word one would use to say. Making money over your ad spend really quickly, whatever that means. Um, you know, it easily, most successful offer ever from a stats point of view. And for all of that, you know, granted there's been launches and stuff with million dollar hours or whatever, but that's, you know, kind of different contexts.

This is a more replicatable sort of thing. There's something I forgot to mention to you, which is how. Absolutely horrible. The sales pages. Seriously, look at it, go to kernbookbundle.com. You're probably going to mess up my stats. You don't buy anything, but that's okay. It's been running forever, so it's fine.
I've pretty well benchmarked everything at this point. But if you go and look at that thing, All right, you will. First thing you'll notice is there's a video shot on the iPhone. I look horrible in the video. Now, if you're listening to this, you probably already know what I look like. I generally look horrible all the time, but in this particular video, Extra horrible.
And the reason is because my children hate sleeping. I have, Oh, and we got two new cats. So we have these two cats. They hate sleeping. They just liked to chase each other around our bedroom, using our bed with us in it as like a trampoline. Um, so there's that. And then I have my younger children. They'd six and nine can't stand sleeping.
Just don't want to do it. I don't want anything to do with it. So in the video, which is the sales video on current bookbinder.com, you'll see, I just look like this dude. Who's horribly sleep deprived has got four kids, two of which will not sleep in these two new cats that just also won't sleep, you know, puffy face, just looking off COVID hair, you know, hadn't had a haircut and just ages, just using the cell phone, holding the cell phone, you know, cameras shaky and everything.
Awful. And then look at the copy on that thing. There's just terrible. Copy. I mean, it's like not bad, but it's by no means good. You know what I mean? Like if someone were to be like, okay, here's a killer sales page with great coffee. That would not be, it is basically like, here's the offer. You get these five books for a dollar.
Here's what they are. And here's what they're about. You should click here and get it. So why is it anything working? Uh, it goes back to what we talked about in the last episode. Which is the dang offer itself. It's real hard to resist five books for a buck, you know, especially when there's no, um, there's no shenanigans.
So with this particular offer, it's not like, okay, It's a dollar, but then, you know, it's going to be $7 a month for the rest of your life or anything like that. It's literally just, we're going to get instant access to these five books for a buck. And so anytime you've got a really solid pitch like that, it really doesn't require you to be good at making the pitch.
And man, I got to tell you it's so like simple sounding. On the surface. But, um, after 21 years of working with other folks and trying to help them dial in their pitches and you know what to say in sales copy and what to say in ads and what to say on the horn and all of that kind of stuff, there's so much that'll stop us because we don't think we've got it right.
We're like, what headline should I use? What layout should I use? What kind of webpage should it be on all of this kind of stuff? And man, I'm telling you, if that dang, the thing you're selling is irresistible. It almost doesn't matter. Yeah. I mean, it could even be, I don't want to test this cause I don't want to risk money cause I'm fiscally conservative because I have a million children, but, um, It will probably work pretty good.
Even if the copy was like, these books are kind of good, you might like them, you can look read them for a buck. Like probably wouldn't convert as well, but probably still work, which is crazy. Right. And so what makes it work? Well, it's a lot of stuff for very little money and the stuff is like real. So they're real, you know, they're good books.
They were established they're well-known books and everything. So the takeaway that I'm trying to give to you is look, man. If you've got some stuff and it's good. And then you've got other things you can sell on the back end and an order bump scenario, or one-click upsells scenario via a follow-up email sequence, which you do.
Like properly, you know, not like, Hey, I sent them an email once a day for three days and then put them in a nurture sequence. Dude. That's not a follow up email sequence. That's dumb. But like, if you have, you know, that the assets meaning the things to sell, that you can use to scrape together, you know, with duct tape and chewing gum and string and bits of hair or whatever, and like mash all this stuff, stuff up together into a good offer.
You probably got something that you can scale out. Um, this is working pretty good. I just did another test just to see what was happened in the it's too early to know the take rate on it is ridiculously good. Um, uh, God, dang. I forgot what it was. Here's the offer that I got this $2,000 course, not exactly two thousands, two payments of 999 bucks.
And I went to all the folks who saw the pitch. And didn't buy it. And I was like, you know what the heck with it, man, you can try it for a week for a buck. And if you don't like it, then email me and you know, you don't have to pay for it. But if you do like it don't do anything and you can have it for five payments of three 97.
So same prices. I just made it easier to say yes to end up, man, this works. You know, so there's a lot to be said for making it really easy for somebody to say yes. Now that particular offer right there early to tell, right. Um, uh, just like super early. I just, I just emailed it to my list. So I had like 18 sales out of 301.
Visitors. So I don't know what the conversion rate is because math is not an exact science. I don't have a calculator handy and I don't want to pause the recording to figure it out, but right. What was that like 6% or something? Not too bad, not great, but not too bad. Let's say, I don't know. 20% of them actually ended up keeping the course.
That's still pretty dang good. Like, I'll take it. I ain't too shabby. There are no upsells in there. There's nothing, but it's again, using that same structure, trying to make the offer as appealing as possible. So man, I cannot stress enough. How much easier things get. When you just structure your offer itself in a way that's easy to say yes to whether it's try before you buy or get a whole bunch of cool stuff for one really low price, knowing full and you know, full well that they're going to like this stuff.
If it's good and buy more stuff from you or whatever it is, work on that offer, offer. First other stuff later, that should be the mantra. And then put like times a lot, do that a lot. Good offer, worry about coffee and stuff later. Don't worry about making everything perfect, but put a whole bunch of good offers out there.
I think you'll be good. Okay. I'll keep you updated on the stats with that, uh, with that newer one too. We'll see how it goes. Um, I also email them for the ones who say, yeah, I'll, I'll take the course for a buck and see. You know if I like it. And then if I do like it I'll pay for it. I emailed so funny.
They, they have to like check a box. As I know that this is a dollar, and then it's going to be five payments of three 97. If, uh, if I don't cancel. So they got to check the box. And then the very first email, the very first sentence is here's how to cancel. So I'm really doing everything I can to eliminate accidental.
I didn't know, you know, I forgot to cancel or whatever. So I'll keep you updated. They think it's seven days. I actually give them nine just in case they forget. You know, so about nine days from now, we'll know with some preliminary stats, but in the meantime, man, just make up some simple offers. See what happens.
I bet you you'll sell more if you did then if you didn't, that's a at South Georgia logic for you right there, buddy. All right, Tim for y'all take it easy.