Feb. 17, 2021

The Magic Question That Makes Everything Easier

The Magic Question That Makes Everything Easier

So today's episode is about one magic question that can change everything. I really crack myself up with these titles sometimes, but there's really some validity to the statement. I promise. So, I'll reveal the magic question in a minute. This will be...

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Well, I certainly hope you're doing well. Okay. So today's episode is about one magic question that can change everything. I really crack myself up with these titles sometimes.  but there's really some validity to the statement. I promise. So. I'll reveal the magic question in a minute. This will be a short episode.
but let me set the scene for you. Okay. So you ever had a day where , you do a lot of stuff, but at the end of the day, you don't feel like you actually got anything done or do you ever feel like you're kind of in, I dunno if brain fog is the right way to describe this, but you're just sort of treading water and not really making any progress.
I certainly have days like that. , however, I don't have as many as I used to. And the reason why is because of the magic question and here is the magic question. What is the specific outcome that I want from this? So the word, this. There's the variable right now, what we're discussing sounds like total common sense, but I will give you a real world example of how I almost let today or what I think will occur today.
Be a complete waste of my time. All right. So the magic question again is what is the specific result that I want from this? And again, the word, this  is the variable. So. Let's go to today's example today, I'm recording this for you, by the way. It's about six 40 in the morning.
And today at 10 o'clock I have a small mastermind meeting with two other individuals. I won't say their names because they're fancy and they're famous. And I don't know if anyone would care, but whatever, you know, to fancy famous business people, , one of them, , It recently became the CEO of another super fancy business persons,  company and also has their own company.
And does it kazillion dollars a year? And the other one started with two partners, , a giant e-commerce empire with multiple direct to consumer brands, primarily specializing in, , health. And beauty. All right. So that's who I'm masterminding with today and I think we're doing it over here at the house.
So. Usually when you go into a meeting, a mastermind meeting type of thing, you know, it's like people just sit around and they discuss things and ,  at the end of the day, you're like, okay, I've taken some notes and whatever. And if you're not careful a situation like that can end up being a waste of time because you don't really accomplish anything other than an exchange of ideas.
So here's where the magic question comes into play. Before meeting with these fellows, I've asked myself the question of what is the specific outcome that I want from that meeting. Right. So now as long as I get the specific outcome that I wanted, the meeting, wasn't a waste of time. It's impossible. So this helps two things occur.
Number one, it helps me have a much better meeting with these two Volks. And number two, it keeps me from wasting my time. So I'll answer the question. And what is the specific outcome,  for individual number one, this person has been working with a very expensive CEO coach and the, , CEO coach is someone who was he, who he's retired.
And they were a CEO of a gigantic, Enterprise. And this individual was learning how to do CEO stuff from that CEO coach. No, I'm horrible at doing CEO stuff, terrible leader to my company. I lead by telepathy most of the time. So the specific outcome that I want to get from interacting with that individual is, Hey, what's the biggest takeaway that you're ordering from the CEO coach.
Because this individual is also not particularly good at CEO stuff, but he's doing a good job at CEO stuff right now. I'm watching them do it. I'm like, wow, you're learning something. I want to know that something. So that's outcome number one, outcome. Number two is what can I learn from the. health and wellness mogul specifically about advertising and marketing.
My wife's skincare brand Katia love, and even more specifically alternate traffic sources besides Facebook, because they do a tremendous amount of advertising on other networks like mobile, like to Bula and Outbrain and all of that kind of stuff. Not mobile. I met native. So if I get those two things. The CEO stuff and the traffic stuff.
For me, it was a good meeting. And of course I want to contribute to the best of my ability. , but that's the specific outcome. This might sound simple, but on days where you're, not feeling like anything has gotten done. It might be because you haven't approached the day with what is the specific outcome that I want to achieve from this activity and maybe not even the day, but the activity.
Right? So that's yeah, the magic question. It is such an important question that whenever I meet with private clients who pay a fortune to sit around and talk about stuff with me, that is the very first question that I asked them. What is the specific outcome you would like to get from this meeting?
You know, what's really funny is I don't know if I've ever had one be prepared for that question. At least in the first meeting, usually by meeting three or four, they're used to it and they're prepared, but in the first time never had one be prepared the way. Oh. Uh, and they'll start telling me everything that's wrong.
And all of the problems and I have to circle back and I'm like, okay, cool. I understand all of these things are going wrong. And here are your problems. What is the specific outcome you would like from this meeting? And, , these clients are all very, very high earners, very accomplished. We get so caught up in our stuff that we forget to think about what it is we're trying to accomplish in the first place.
So there you have it. That's the magic question. You use it often and it will serve you. Well, I hope you have a great damage for do appreciate you listening to this. Take it easy.