June 23, 2021

These two skills will get you farther than anything else - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

These two skills will get you farther than anything else - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

So what was I wanting to talk to y'all about? Last night I was briefly on Clubhouse again. I've got to tell you, you got to watch out for that thing. It is very addictive. I got on there, was screwing around...The first room didn't really make a lot...


All right. All right. What's happening? Hey y'all Oh man. What a relief. Okay. It looks like we're successfully. Multicasting multi streaming simulcasting yeah. Okay, cool. Yesterday was super weird, man. I couldn't, uh, I couldn't make it work, but I think we're good. Sweet. Hey Wayne. Hey Cameron. What's up? Joshua, Tricia.

Nice to see all y'all what's up, Melissa? Aye. Okay. So what was I wanted to talk to you about? Oh, last night I was, uh, briefly on, um, clubhouse again, I've got to tell you, but you got to watch out for that thing. It is very addictive. Um, I got on there was screwing around the first thing I noticed. I don't know why it showed me these rooms.
Like, I don't know if y'all have messed with this thing or not. But the first room I saw was what was the title of this is hysterical. It was you'll date a stripper, but you won't date a girl from only fans. Why that was the first room I saw it naturally. I had to jump in there and see what the conversation was about.
Didn't really make a lot of sense to me. It didn't quite understand how that whole ecosystem worked, but it was nonetheless hilarious for about five minutes. And then I jumped into another one. I think it was a room called millionaires, helping millionaires or something. I don't know. But someone asked me a question and the question was a good one.
And, uh, it was like on the spot. I didn't realize it was about clubhouse, but if you've been made a moderator the room before, and then you joined that room, like later, You're still a moderator and your mic is on. Thank God. I didn't say anything dumb, like normal, you know? Cause as soon as I got on I'm like, Hey Frank, what do you think about this?
I'm like, what are you talking about, dude, I just got here. I was, I was enjoying my time in the yield data stripper, but won't date a, a girl from only fans, uh, discussion. And I'm fresh from that. So please fill me in on what's going on. So the question was like, What are the five most critical skills to develop, uh, to be successful in terms of marketing.
And I guess really growing a business cause marketing in and of itself is pretty useless if you don't use it to grow a business, you know, and, um, I was on the spot and I couldn't think of five things. Uh, you don't want to, not to think of five things, you know, you want to like think of a lot of smart stuff, but I only had, I only had five early two things that came to mind.
So I'll share them with you because I think it might be helpful. So the first one is the ability to influence people on a one to many fashion or in a one to me anyway, the ability to influence a lot of people. At once. So one-on-one influence is pretty good, but one to many. Way better. Okay. And so how do you do that?
Well, you, you can, or first of all, it's talking about the mechanics of it. It can be video like this. It could be webinars, it could be stage presentation, um, or it could be the classic, which is written. You know, sales letter and sure. We get into my new show. Like it could be an Instagram post, a Facebook post or whatever, but you get it right as either you talking on camera or at people, uh, or right.
So you got typing talking. Those are the mechanics of it. Okay. And so now if you reverse engineer, well, how do you get good at it? The first thing folks always ask, and literally I got this like. Today, several times weird timing. It was like, okay, where do I go to study this? You know, what course should I buy to learn?
And my answer would be pick one, you know, it doesn't matter. Um, because the thing that'll get you good at doing this thing is actually doing it. And I'll tell you a story. This is a true story. Years ago, 2000, I don't know, 14 or something. It's been a long time. I went to Miami and met with grant Cardone.
Never met him before. And my mission was to go down there and do a swap of knowledge. I would have known about real estate and I was like, I'll trade ya. Some, you know, information on real estate. If you'll give me some information on how to do that, I'll tell you whatever I can about marketing and stuff.
He's like, all right, what the hell? Come on down. So I went down there and just so happened at the time he was holding this competition where people would submit YouTube videos of themselves. Selling a glass of water. And I can't remember the point of that. It was, there was a reason behind, I don't, I don't remember what it was, but he was like, dude, you're here.
Do you want to help me be the judge in this thing? You know? Cause today's the day we pick the winner, I'm like, yeah. All right. Um, it was still like finding a good sales person or something like that, you know? Cause he's all about like sales and stuff. So, uh, I was like, uh, yeah, sure. Do. You know, you know, I'll watch the clips and everything.
So we're watching and there's all these people and there's this one kid on there and the kid was pitching the glass of water and he had broken his jaw. I don't know how he did it. I know the guy now I should ask, um, no idea how he had broken his jaw and he's, he's talking like this, trying to sell this glass of water.
Cause his jaw was wired shut and he's like shot this really. Awesome video on, you know, the benefits of the water, which I can't remember, but I saw that dude and I was like, man, that kid is a born marketing person. He's not a salesperson. Don't don't mess with him in sales world. He needs to learn marketing, like who am I to tell some stranger what they need to do?
But I saw it. I recognized the raw talent, so like a totally creepy person. I reached out to the kid. I was like, Hey, this is weird. I'm a middle aged guy reaching out to a 16 year old kid, but I saw your videos there with grant. Then I think you have natural talent in this ability. And I would like to send you some books about, uh, marketing and advertising and he's like, Oh yeah, cool.
Okay. And I remember he called me Mr. Kern or something, which he doesn't address me by that anymore. Now we're friends. And of course, obviously he's not 16 anymore. Um, so anyway, I'm like, okay, go tell your parents. So they strange man from the internet. Wants to mail books to you get their permission. It gets weird at all.
Sounds, you know, and then I'll send you these books. He's like, okay, cool. And I'm like, seriously, dude, go get like tell your parents. I don't want them to think there's any weirdness going on. So he did, he was like, Hey mom, dad, this dude was send me these books. So like, yeah, sure. Um, so I mailed him some books, you know, and I mailed him like, uh, Dan Kennedy's ultimate sales letter.
Um, Ogilvy, uh, confessions of an admin, the wizard of ads, which I've never read, but it, it just looked cool. Um, and something else, I forgot maybe Claude Hopkins or like some staples, you know? And I was like, read these. So he gets them any does. He was like, okay, I read them. I'm like, good Lord. You're kind of an overachiever.
Um, I didn't expect to hear back, you know, I was just trying to be cool and he's like, I read them now, what do I do? I said, okay, um, You know what, man, uh, I want you to write a sales letter every day and if you will write a sales letter every day, I'll read it and then I'll go through it and I'll, uh, you know, tell you what to change about it and stuff.
And he's like, okay. And I'm like, all right, good. I'm never going to hear from this guy again, because nobody wants to write a sales letter every day. It's like going, Hey, how do I get in shape? And the guy goes, well, it's real simple. You'll work out four hours a day every day. And you don't eat a lot of crap.
Anyone can do it. Like, no one's going to do that. Well, this, this guy goes and does it. All right. So I'm getting emails from him every day. And he's writing sales letters for stuff. He wrote one for art. He wrote one for duct tape, like any random thing. The dude could find he would write a sales letter for it, knowing that no one was going to see it.
He was just getting the practice. Right. And so I'm like watching by the end of the month, my man was like, good. So good. In fact that he came at age 16 to an event that I was holding and got clients and some of the copy incidentally that he wrote. And I'm not at Liberty. I don't know if I'm at Liberty to disclose who and what, so I won't.
I can't imagine why not, but still out of respect, you know, um, some of the copy that you aren't still being used to this day in a, in a business that did 30 something million dollars last year, my man wrote it at the age of 16. What was his secret? He just did it. Right. So the way you learn how to do the influence, uh, influential stuff of one to many as you just do it every day.
And are you doing it every day for like a month? You're probably going to be pretty good at it. I asked to do, to write me a letter. One time was like, Hey man, will you do me a favor? I'm trying to create this private client group is that I don't have time to write the letter. If you'd like run a draft or something, I'll brush it up an hour later.
My man had a sales letter for me and I used it to sell my private client group at $40,000 per person. Yeah, sure. I changed a couple of things here and there, but not much. Right. And so that's it. That's how you get good at that stuff. You just put in the day and work. It's like. Um, who's my man. I love this dude so much.
He's so cool. I quote him all the time was thinking about him this morning. Ronnie Coleman, former Mr. Universe. Or maybe if you're Mr. University, you're always Mr. Universe. I don't know. Anyway, I watched a documentary about him. Love the dude. They had the saying, he goes, everybody wants to be a bodybuilder.
But ain't nobody want to lift these heavy ass weights. Then he looks at the camera and he goes, but I'll do it though. And the dude eight times Mr. Olympia universe, I don't know Mr. Coleman. I'm sorry. I'm messing up your title. No disrespect intended. Well, the guy, right? So my man, Ryan O'Donnell is the kid's name by the way.
He's 20 something years old. Now he went on to work for a Dean Grasiozi. He learned how to run Facebook ads, figured out how to run YouTube ads. And now he works for himself and he makes a whole bunch of money and he doesn't give me any, um, should have hired that kid. He still would've gone off on his own, but I should have hired him.
I didn't. Uh, but what a story, right? All he did was just do it every day. So this thing, number one, that is the skill number one. Okay. The second one it's focus. All right. So, uh, I'm just as guilty as anybody of like being easily distractable, especially in the world of social media, when all you got to do to like, get a little hit of dopamine.
Let's pick this sucker up and see if somebody commented on something. Or if you're successfully winning the argument with a stranger about, you know, who's bad and who's good or whatever, you know, I get it, man. I'm just as bad if not worse than anybody else. But. If one can develop the skill of focus, which is profoundly easier, said than done, by the way, if you can develop that and you're good, and God forbid you take that power of focus and concentrate it on for 30 consecutive days of learning, how to influence people in a one.
Too many environment. I was saying that slowly to like, I don't mean like one too many. Like you had one too many, but like you're one person influencing many people. That's. I mean, if you focus on learning how to do that for a, for 30 days or so, you're going to be pretty dang good at it. Man. One way to do is to go live every day.
If you don't feel like writing, but just do it. Every day. So I got me a little system that, uh, that I use for focus. All right. And here it is. And do with this information, what you will, you know, I don't, I'm no better than anybody else. I'm just telling you what works for me. Okay. So thing, number one, I'm a little bit weird mentally.
Got a ritual. All right. The, my day works the same every day. All right. So with, if I'm on my game, I'll get up. Usually I wake up, I start waking up at four 30 and not like Jocko, Willink style. I ain't working out or anything. I should be all right. I start waking up at four 30 and I'm out of the bed by five 30, at five 30 in the morning.
I'm in here. This is room to have a two bedroom pool house, the other room over there. It's just like a tiny little, like a room with a chair, you know, on a fireplace. And I sit in that chair and I read some, some spiritual stuff. And I think about things. I do something that's called a prayer rule in Orthodox Christianity.
I get my head. Right. All right. And then, all right. So for the rest of the day, I only do. Three things. Okay. I don't have like a giant to-do list. So take again, take from this what you will, I'm not telling you how to run your life. Who knows? I'm just some dude. Right. But I got this little system's working pretty good.
I got my list of three things. Let me show you. Okay. So let's see, as it show on that. Yeah. There you go. Okay. So this is today's list, right? There were only three things on the list. Cause my, my little brain here. Can't handle more than three things. It ain't gonna work. I was not kind to myself, uh, growing, uh, growing up, you know, and started partying real hard at 15.
Still do it a little more than I should. I'll take little 30 day breaks, but still, you know, probably need a lecture from somebody. Okay. So I only got three here's today. Kraft offer for boot bootstrap branding course done. Bam. Just shot and edited the sales letter for that thing. Video sales letter, email list regarding the challenge once it's a definitely, I forgot to plug it's a, uh, it should be on the screen.
Oh, it was not on the screen, but it was what does it let, so launch your brand.com. Someone will put that in the comments. I sure would appreciate it. So I did that. Okay. As three things. All right. And then go live. Doing that now. All right. That's it. When you got a to-do list, it's like 700 million thing.
You're gonna drive yourself crazy now. Okay. I've done all of these things. And if I like really compress my time during the day, I could have, um, let me get out of here. Let's see. There we go. If I can press on my time during the day, I could've gotten this stuff done by like, you know, lunch or something, but, and then not have the rest of the day to do any other stuff I wanted to.
Right. But that's focus. Okay. So like, however you find focus, that's the trick. Okay. Another way to describe it as from, um, What's the book by that mean looking Navy seal dude, not Goggins, but the guy who has mentioned Jocko, Willink and the other guys from echelon front. Come on, man. I know y'all know this one.
Um, anyway, they talk about prioritize and execute, right? You got 7 million things to do, prioritize and execute. Pick the top three, make those three missions of the day. Do them. You're good. Okay. And that's it. So those two skills, I think, man, it'll get you super far. If you want to learn how to influence people on a one to many basis.
By giving away cool content and being super nice and being as helpful as you can and building your brand and the personal brand in the process go to let's launch your brand.com should be on the screen. If you're watching, if you're listening, if I'm turning this into a podcast or something this might make for a pretty good episode, uh, you know, then type that in assuming you do so before the 15th of January, that's a live challenge starts on the 15th of January, which is this Friday.
In today that didn't delay Tuesday anyway, pretty sure it's this Friday and we're going to work together for five days. We're going to walk you through how to find your hoo. All right. I'm going to walk you through how to find your message going to walk you through what to say, how to say it and how to get it distributed all over the course of five days.
We're going to do that for free. You're going to do it alive. All right, man, I'm going to go. I want to give them courthouse for a minute. See, what's shaking there. I cannot like it got a little bit time. So off I go. Thank you all so much for, uh, for tuning in, by the way. And I cannot seem to find that in the broadcast button there it is.
Okay. Take it easy.