Sept. 17, 2021

What is the best way to create a segmentation/target on Facebook for web design services? - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

What is the best way to create a segmentation/target on Facebook for web design services? - Frank Kern Greatest Hit

My question is...I am doing web design, you know, landing page on websites, so I was wondering what is the best way to create a segmentation on Facebook for that? To create a segmentation? By segmentation, do you mean target?


My question is one always a lot, but this one is I am doing web design, you know, like landing page on page website. So I was wondering what is the best way to create a segmentation on Facebook for that to create the segmentation. Yeah. For web design and service by segmentation, you mean target? Yes.

The target people. Oh, this, um, okay, so it's an, an easy answer. But it might not work. What I would do is I would, uh, target small business owners. Um, so small business owner, CEO, uh, partner, the here. Let me show you, actually, I even just bring up the old man. I know I had a day Facebook account open somewhere.
Let's see, hang on. Okay. Really need to get the computer glasses. Um, what am I doing? Oh yeah, Facebook. I, hang on. I'll show my screen in a sec.
Right. I logged out of my account. So let's see here, darker, darker, darker, darker, darker. Alrighty. And I'm getting to this account. There we go. Okay. So. Bring this a little bit and share the screen. Okay. I like to narrate what I'm doing. It makes it just better. Um, all right. So probably should hit share.
Okay. Screen-share working. Yes, right. Okay. Now I forgot what we were doing. Oh yeah. Targeting. I don't even drink. And I'm like, I don't forgot what we were doing. Um, got up early. All right. So let's say that we wanted to sell web design services. Clearly it's going to be for businesses and stuff. So there's a lot of really broad businessy audiences that are like, kind of.
Yeah, a good probably for this. So at the ad set level, we go in and let's just say, we're creating our campaign and we're doing the targeting and stuff. So instead of targeting my man, Brendan, are you going to do this globally? Like from afar or locally? Yeah, well, right now I am working with the Hispanic market more than English market.
Okay, cool. So we would put like, um, X go. Why? Why can I either I either say. Just to do some target, excuse me there. All right. So cool targeting. All right. Probably the business owner that can pay you is most likely going to be like, let's say over 25, if they're over 65, hopefully they're able to just chill and they don't have to work anymore.
So maybe he will. And I'm saying that like, uh, with aspiration in my heart, I hope that I, I like that when I'm 65, I need to have a lot of children. So it's doubtful. Um, so now we're over here. And we can come to browse. And if you go to you demographics, I think it is, um, no, I'm sorry. Can we type this up?
Well, isn't this cool. Okay. So now we have like all of these different. Target's here. So I would have one target would be literally small business. One would be small business owners. Um, and we got behaviors and interests. So it's two different audiences notice that. Um, and I don't know, a small business Saturday is, but maybe small business software, small business trends, expo funding, um, like all of these are good maybes, right?
So there are businesses. Now you can also do, um,
All right. Small business owners, uh, behaviors, interests, business owner, business ownership, like all of that. So by just by doing this, you're going to find a lot. It doesn't necessarily mean that we're targeting people who want websites, but you can't really, you know, there's not really an interest for that.
If someone was interested in web development or whatever, They'd already have a website. So we want the dude who doesn't have one. So you do that targeting, and then it's read this. If you want a website that gets you customers.